Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wiggles Socks

Full Pattern for Wiggles Socks as fast as I can get it typed. For big pic click on this little Pic wait until it loads then look for box on bottom right corner of picture to click to make it REAL big. I put picture here so it will load faster instead of hunting through the photo albums for it. Full pattern will be FREE at Group. or if you email me directly I will gladly send it free in the email as soon as it is typed up.

UPDATE all typed up at least ready for trial reading and knitting available in files section of the group.


~Sherie~ said...

Oh, it does have a wiggle! LOL I love this ribbing pattern. It will definitely be done by me as soon as my STR order arrives. :) Thanks for another terrific pattern.

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Oh, Jeanie, I love the Wiggles Sock! I think I have the perfect yarn to try on this sock. : )

You are one of my favorite people! I don't often post to the group, but I always read.

You may remember me as the one who sent some spinning books to you when my husband bought them at our local library sale. I don't have a spinning wheel and you did! You sent me a beautiful skein of Socks That Rock sock yarn in the Christmas colorway. It was my first ever STR yarn.

You are a wonderful kind person with outstanding character...and tremendous design skills.

I'm proud to know least online.

Your Pal,

Shelly Harris in OK

JeanTownsend said...

oh i sure do remember you! i love those spinning books. i lay in bed at night still and read them. there is so much to learn about how to spin Z or S or plying. I love you for sending them to me. thank you. JT

Lori in Michigan said...

Ooohhh Jeannie! How pretty! I have just the yarn in my stash, too -- so I don't have to wait to spend money!


trek said...

Hey the Wiggles Sock looks great. I may have to make a down-sized version for my Neatnik who loves the Wiggles!

trek said...

PS - What yarn did you use?

JeanTownsend said...

i used some str in citrine, it is peach/yellow/tan and they blend one into the other real pretty that pic looks dark i am going to upload a brighter one.
str yarn, sz 1 needle, cast on 60 for my pair for mom.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous and totally adorable!! A definite "must do" in the near future. Isn't it great, with Xmas coming, we have every excuse to keep knitting our socks!! haha

Sandie in NE PA.

Laura said...

Cute wiggle! Looking forward to the pattern being available. I'll download this one for sure. :-)

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

How fitting for me, since the Wiggles were just in town! LOL.

Anonymous said...

love this sock pattern
would love to have a go at it
can i get this pattern?