Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Blogging! and really cold weather!!

i have not been online much lately because of the weather and time issues.
good news grand daughter did excellent on her grades with the first semester of college at WSU. Much love to all.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

What I Am Working On Now

Timeless by Jo Ann Maxwell
found in the pattern book
The Big Book Of Doilies

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

September 1, 2010

Today my son Kevin will be starting class at college for his fifth degree. He has 2 associates, 2 bachelors and is working on his masters degree. Kevin is 26 years old. Not bad.

Today my grand daughter Melody will be starting class at Wayne State University. She is 18.

Now how can anyone be any prouder or happier than I am right now?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Loved doing this chair back doily.

I added a dark purple edge on the hat and collar part, and am working on a little flower on the hat. have not stitched the parts together but am finished.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Online Games

almost 8 years ago me and mom started playing online games free at ionthunder, then it changed over to bigfishgames, and finally to bigsea games.
big sea closes at the end of august. gone. gone. gone.
i can't believe it.
they use a lot of pop cap brand games. i found another site that uses popcap.
but if that link dont take ya here it is so you can type it out:
Just in case you play the online games at least this will give you a safe place to play. You do not have to sign in. If you do it will take your hotmail or msn sign in and i believe other sign ins too.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Do you drink coffee or cocoa?

i do. and i like it with milk. but i dont like cold milk. and coffee mate has a flavor to it. i tried instant milk. it was fat free and tasted like it.
my favorite instant coffee is nescafe tasters choice. it is by the nestle company and they make a milk powder called NIDO. it is whole milk not fat free in a powder. you add it to the hot water or cold water, dont add the water to it that causes lumps.
two spoons in a hot cup of water, my usual sugar or sweetener, and a spoon of tasters choice and i got latte! it is super in hot cocoa too.
i just thought i would share that in case any of you drink coffee too.
i found my NIDO at my local saveAlot store. they say it is at walmart also.

Monday, July 26, 2010


I talked to them for over an hour. They said they do not have to notify customers of any costs or changes or prices. IF you catch them they only have to adjust you for 2 months. If they want to. If they agree to. So they will give me $20 worth of credit. total. That will mean I get to use my now 5 email accounts for 4 months for free. As they should have only been costing me $5 a month anyway. I am only receiving mail at one address. My son uses one. that means i still have 3 dead no email addresses assigned to me but they dont cost me extra.
I say for someone that has been a customer for over ten years, and all my family was on earthlink from Houston, Washington State, Baton Rouge etc. all of us.
boy do i feel like a dummy.
I just hope any and all earthlink customers give their representatives a call and discuss your billing. If you are not using dial up quit paying for it. If you only use one or two addresses I think it is like $3 a month, for 5 addresses it is $5 and watch out for that sixth one WHACK it will cost ya an extra $5 just for it.

I almost never complain about stuff. I just dont buy it or use it. But to find out this sneaky company is doing it right now to all of their customers made me so mad. I asked them if they are going to notify their customers?
NOPE. IF you ask, if you catch them, then they will do a change or adjustment.
I say just be aware. be careful.

Right now I am going to hold still and continue using my email address for the $5 a month charge. I pay for what i get. But paying for nothing sure makes me mad.

added note. I am not saying quit them. I am staying. Just be really aware of your billing and what you are being charged for!! I trusted them, but truthfully they are a business first, out to make money.

Earthlink users maybe you should read this?

I am an Earthlink customer and i just found out they had been overcharging me for years. I have been with earthlink for ten years.

Many years ago i discarded home phone ATT for cell phone only Sprint service. I have 7 kids all grown now and all 7 have a sprint phone.

because i no longer had a home phone my sons upgraded our internet to comcast cable as we already had cable tv. Earthlink told me when i called in they had two packages.
dial up, or limited dial up.
$20 a month or $10 a month.
for twenty$$ you can dial up and connect. ok with no phone?
so i picked limited dial up and kept my unlimited number of email addresses.
not true.
you are allowed five email addresses for $5. then number six email address costs you $5 a month extra.
earthlink is the one that set up the sixth email address for me. it has never ever been used. never. but they continued charging me $10 a month now for years and years and years.

so my sister said hey i only pay $3 for ONE email addy why do you pay so much? I called earthlink and asked them. and yep they charged me $5 a month for a unused, extra, number six email address THEY set up and said oops!
i said OOPS? so they deleted the extra expensive unused account. NOT the billling just the account.

IF YOU use earthlink. call them. 1-800-EARTHLINK and talk to a representative. if you are not using those services they can charge you until you catch them. also if you are an AARP member they are supposed to have an AARP discount monthly off of your bill.

I can't get my money back. but if i can save any of you current earthlink customers on your next month bill then i will count it as money well spent.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Needle Hook

No I don't make and sell them. Picture for reference only.

Home Made Amazing Needle Type Hook

I made some double ended crochet hooks and then made some of these too. I used dowels from michaels crafts although the Home Depot had some even in hard woods like walnut I sure want to try. I have a dremel tool for the cutting and sanding. I used candle was on a buffer attachement to polish it smooth. I cant find my extra cord that I ordered years ago so substituted crochet cotten until i can hunt up my cord.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

More double ended crochet hook pics

taking off stitches and
putting them back on again

Double Ended Crochet Hook Samples

the above pic has a sun glare. you can see one side of the fabric is mostly dark brown and the other side is mostly cream color.

notice the light yarn starts on one end. when i work with it i work over then back and it always ends up on the same end that it's starting tail is showing at the beginning of the piece.
the same is for the darker brown end of this piece.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Monday, March 01, 2010

Vintage Hot Pad or Wall Hanging

Now I'm working on hot pads and wall hangings too. below is the pic
here is the LINK to the pattern.
and i got my bottle caps HERE

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Crochet Grape Doily

Now I am working on the old Grape Doily now this link might take a LONG time to load and you might have to refresh it a few times to get it all loaded.

but boy is this a great fun doily to make. I am using a lighter solid lavender for my first one, then will use a dark grape purple and as soon as i can get some i want some colorful purple like the picture shows!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Past is The Present

when i was a kid i had the most wonderful childhood. good food and a home. my grandma Thelma sewed these little stuffed toys for me and my brother and sisters. Now I am remaking them for us. I'm going to sew a set or two for my son Matts kids and maybe some day when they get to be my age they will remember their grandma sewing the toys for them...

do any of you go back to your past? i'm playing with my toys and video games. doing my crochet thread work. my neighbor across the street, Ila Reah Million, taught me to crochet on a yellow thread pineapple doily in 1970. The best times of our lives are when we don't have all the worries of grown folks. no bills no pressures just play and live.

i'm also going to carve some hitty dolls. i thought you just whipped out your pocket knife and went at it. nope. first of all that is not true, most pocket knives are not any where close to sharp enough to carve real wood. so i'm still working on getting the knife sharp enough! When I get the dolls carved out more I will post pics of them.

My friend Alice from my REAL early child hood is still in contact with me by email. I can't ask for a better or happier period in life. Maybe 45 years ago or longer and we still are buddies.

happily sewing away

so far i have
finished the little horsey
for my sister
am working on the little doggy next then kitty and

crochet garters

am making garters for the upcoming weddings so far they look like this