Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Do you drink coffee or cocoa?

i do. and i like it with milk. but i dont like cold milk. and coffee mate has a flavor to it. i tried instant milk. it was fat free and tasted like it.
my favorite instant coffee is nescafe tasters choice. it is by the nestle company and they make a milk powder called NIDO. it is whole milk not fat free in a powder. you add it to the hot water or cold water, dont add the water to it that causes lumps.
two spoons in a hot cup of water, my usual sugar or sweetener, and a spoon of tasters choice and i got latte! it is super in hot cocoa too.
i just thought i would share that in case any of you drink coffee too.
i found my NIDO at my local saveAlot store. they say it is at walmart also.

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