Monday, April 21, 2008

Good Morning To You!!

Saying hello to my friend
Barbara and hubby Dan!
I love you guys!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Contacting me

if you hit EMAIL ME on the right side of my page close to the top. this brings up a email addressed direct to me. then you can type anything you want to me and i can reply to you and let you know the answer to your questions. if you add a comment to any post of mine i cant hit reply to reach you.

New Project finally got one finished!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Ruffles and Bubbles Socks

These socks have ruffles with small champagne rainbow colored glass beads. They are knitted with Regia Silk purchased from The Fifth Stitch a really super yarn store owned by Ellen Upp.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Menu and Info Changes.

Due to the HUGE increase in request for free patterns I am trying to make sure you can get them simply by joining my yahoo group and looking in the files section. Download FREE at your convenience. It does cost me money to knit each pair of socks so I can write the pattern and give it away for free. I have to buy the yarn. I try to use inexpensive yarns so that I can knit more patterns and put them out as quickly as I can. All test patterns are always free.

If you see any patterns on the internet that you want and do not see any download link in the Files section of my yahoo group please let me know. The ones to the right are the only ones currently For Sale. I use any money from selling these patterns to help support my son, his little boy, and the two grandkids I am raising.

When you request one of the For Sale patterns I will try to email it immediately.
Do NOT feel for any reason that you need to or have to donate in any way to receive the free patterns. Last month I gave away over 2000 free patterns and sold $15 worth.

Check out some of the patterns at Ravelry!

Patterns below with * are still in testing phase.
Patterns below with $ are for sale patterns.
A partial List of Available patterns is below:
$Baby Breath Socks
Best Wishes Socks
Betty Westport Waves Socks
Blue Jean Cuffs
Blue Lace Ruffle Socks
Candy Cane
Cascading Leaves
Cathedral Socks
Coins or Lifesaver Socks
Crown Stitch Socks
Dennis Socks
Easter Egg Socks
Fan Dancer
$Gold Socks
$Green Leaf Socks
I Love You Socks
Kansas Harvest Socks
*Kathie's Pretty Pink Socks
Kim's Socks
Lisa Socks
$Lily of the Valley LOV Socks
Maple Leaf Socks
$May Green Socks
Michigan Cherry Socks
*Nautical Ropes
Ninas Sox
Peach Petal Socks
*Pink Ones Socks
Pink Ruffle and Lace Socks
Pretty Petals Socks
Roses Roses Socks
Shelly Sox
SnowFlake Socks
Spring Twists
Toni Tootsie Socks
Wandering Cables Socks
*Wedding Ring Quilt Socks
Whirly Gig Socks
Wiggles Socks