Friday, August 27, 2010

Loved doing this chair back doily.

I added a dark purple edge on the hat and collar part, and am working on a little flower on the hat. have not stitched the parts together but am finished.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Online Games

almost 8 years ago me and mom started playing online games free at ionthunder, then it changed over to bigfishgames, and finally to bigsea games.
big sea closes at the end of august. gone. gone. gone.
i can't believe it.
they use a lot of pop cap brand games. i found another site that uses popcap.
but if that link dont take ya here it is so you can type it out:
Just in case you play the online games at least this will give you a safe place to play. You do not have to sign in. If you do it will take your hotmail or msn sign in and i believe other sign ins too.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Do you drink coffee or cocoa?

i do. and i like it with milk. but i dont like cold milk. and coffee mate has a flavor to it. i tried instant milk. it was fat free and tasted like it.
my favorite instant coffee is nescafe tasters choice. it is by the nestle company and they make a milk powder called NIDO. it is whole milk not fat free in a powder. you add it to the hot water or cold water, dont add the water to it that causes lumps.
two spoons in a hot cup of water, my usual sugar or sweetener, and a spoon of tasters choice and i got latte! it is super in hot cocoa too.
i just thought i would share that in case any of you drink coffee too.
i found my NIDO at my local saveAlot store. they say it is at walmart also.