Sunday, May 28, 2006

Lots and lots of free sock patterns.

I have had many requests for the address to my group for free sock patterns. Cascading Leaves, Coins, Nina's Sox, Westport Waves and many others. It seems the link does not always work. So I am posting the whole address here and going to make it a hot link too. If the link does not work for you then you can copy it and paste it in the address line of any web page.
If you want the free sock patterns please join me there. If you do not want to chat or read the email please checkmark the NO email box when you sign up for membership. Hope you enjoy the socks.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Me, just me, I got flowers!! Thank you 'S' with all my heart. You sure surprised me!! Look at Jack sniffing away. He agrees they are just wonderful!

What a way to start my day!

First thing this morning, as the sun started slowly to peek over the horizon, the ground wet from overnight rain, birds chirping to start the day, I tripped over the steps and fell flat right in front of the house. Yep now that is me alright. I have to laugh at myself. I grabbed the chain link fence wire as I went down. Surely it was a graceful slowly melting to the ground vision. Er well maybe a little more like YIKES! WHAM! CLUNK! As I rolled over to look up at the sky I hurried to count my fingers on my knitting hand. whew. all there. As long as I can still knit I am fine. So today i am treating myself to a nice cotton dishcloth pattern with size 8 needles. Poor little hand.

It has been a beautiful birthday. My friend 'L' gave me a surprise gift. Thank you so much. My son's Chris and Kevin bought me dvd movies and candy. I got Nanny McPhee and Narnia. I will be in movie heaven this evening.

My sister Shelly sent some real No Brew Louisianna Coffee/Chicory Concentrate liquid. Mmmm! Sister Nina sent a box and Mom sent me a goodie box. And I do mean goodies. Nobody knows you like your mom.

This is a special birthday. I am 53 born in '53. Got to be a good one!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

info here.

Another good BLOG here has the cutest dancing little green pickle man. well that is what he looks like to me. just the cutest!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Cascading Leaves worked Toe-up

Here is that picture I promised of the toe-up version of the Cascading Leaves knitted by 'H' at CraftLit a really great PodCast. A wonderful short row heel. Beautiful!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Free Sock Patterns

All of the sock patterns including the coins is at TSocksKAL and always FREE there. Anyone that wants them can have them. You can join as a No mail and then just get the patterns, stay to chat or grab and knit! No AD days on this group. Just good free fun.
The coins are really cute if you use different fruit colored yarn and make life saver socks, or red and green for Christmas Chains socks. There are ruffled socks and beaded socks, knit, crochet, lace, all kinds of patterns.

Webshots Pictures

To see some of the socks, shawls, and dishcloths I knitted you can go to Webshots . Hopefully this link will take you to a page with pictures in the center that show which album to see.

Pod Casts

I made it to a podcast. I am thrilled to bits. To listen to it go to CraftLit and listen to episode four. How super.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

New STR in the mail!

Can there be anything lovlier than the new STR yarn? I absolutely love this color. It is true to it's name and wonderful. I can't wait to think of some great goodie to knit with it. It just gets those creative ideas flowing. This Blog has posted the most wonderful pictures of it. What great photography. She is really good with a camera!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lovely , lovely yarn

Love to work on shawls too. Here you can see the one I did with Peacock colorways. Sometimes I work with tiny dpn and then there are those times that it has to be bigger sized needles. The old eyes aren't what they used to be.

These socks are done with the Hot Flash bright pinks STR yarn from The Fold . I love the way it pools in big pink bands but you get the stripes effect too. This is a free pattern you can find at TSocksKAL. I thought these two colorful pics were some of the prettiest examples of the colorways. What a joy to work with it. Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What a great surprise!

I got the greatest surprise in the mail today. My friend 'S' gave me a gift certificate to my favorite store in the world. Yep! The Fold . So now you know where I am headed right? To look at the goodies. What a great birthday present this is. It isn't my birthday yet but after I place my order the goodies will get here by that day. What a neat gift! Thank you so much 'S' . You really are a sister of the heart! Sometimes the people you meet in life and the love they give is the very best gift you can ever get.

Finished stuff

Finished the baby surprise sweater, took 2 days to knit that one. Finished the new socks. To be revealed later! Have one sock done of the Carbon Dating yarn. Used my very favorite pdf page on the internet Queen Kahuna's Kitchener to finish them up. It was the greatest day when i found it on the internet. I love it so much I bought the book. what a great way to make socks!

On the needles Philosoper's Wool , Mandala squares sweater, the my companion bag to felt, and at least a dozen pairs of socks in progress.
Any suggestions for a good project with some Schaefer Anne yarn?

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hello! This is just me, Jeanie.

This is a recent picture of me spinning away. I love to knit and spin. I really like all kinds of fiber crafts. Hopefully I will be able to post links to new knitting patterns here. I write sock patterns and love to share them with the public.

I have an Ashford Traditional spinning wheel and a few nice drop spindles. I really enjoy spinning my own yarn. I live in the city so I can't keep sheep but have a really great dog named Pirate Jack that is a wonderful companion. He is a Jack Russell.