Saturday, June 28, 2008

Folk Knitting Page 100 Marko's Mittens

Well I finally got some palette and size 1 needles to work and at least I can knit these while I wait for my new yarn to get here. My Selbuvotter book arrived in the mail too! I hope this will be a great weekend!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Texas Yarn

Sometimes I fall over stuff. My sister lives in Houston. I was searching for a ball of yarn. Seems easy huh? NO! I looked for over a week. The yarn must be 50 g, and 180 yards approximately, and wool. Someone in the Townies Group pointed me to KNITIVITY Adventures in Fiber Artistry. Located where? TEXAS! Not only does he sell this size yarn but he has it in lots of colors. The only tough choice you will have is picking which color to knit with!

I want to knit MITTENS!! There is some mittens inside me that want to be knitted and they won't take NO! for an answer. Ok so what if it is 92 degrees? So What! It is so hot in my room i can't even stand to touch yarn. Good excuse to crank up the air conditioner and say oh well to big electricity bills. Well it is really only for 1 or 2 days a month. But I am gonna knit MITTENS!! I have a couple of mitten books. Tried and tried to find the latvian book with no luck. Now I am waiting on my Knitivity yarn in sport weight. Oh I see mittens in my future.

Did you ever knit mittens? when? pics? blog about them?
write in let me know!!