Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Clog pair no. 4

The bright pink and green ones are not felted yet!! sorry if it makes it seem that they are done.

Pictures of Clogs

pic of all 7 pairs, the purple ones are the ones I am finishing up now. First make shoes, then make second soles so I am ready for second soles on that pair. Then off to the washer for more felting fun. The kids are sure enjoying this 'failure' of mine!

Clogs and addictions.

I will knit these things until I finally get me a pair or die trying!! I made blue ones, red ones, pink ones, rust ones, baby pink ones, and now purple ones. I wear a big shoe but by golly these are tricky to fit!!

I started with cascade 220, then went to Patons merino from michaels, now using odd wool balls and the small sized pattern. Maybe I knit too loose?

got a happy family at least. everyone got shoes but me. either I make them fit this time, or hunt up more kids to make shoes for.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Clogs and Slippers

I made 5 pairs of clogs and 1 pair of ballet slippers this week. If you want a good, fast, big needle knit you really have to try these two patterns. Clogs. Ballet Slippers. Those are just two stores to get them at. You can always go to www.google.com and check out felted clogs and felted ballerina slippers. I have had so much fun while i rested my eyes. These use a size 10 1/2 to a size 13 needle. My kind of recreation knitting for real. I had a lot of trouble reading the pattern tiny print but it is my eyes not the pattern. A very kind friend told me I had missed a whole section on the little insert. DUH!! No wonder I was using extra yarn on the sole , not my original idea, you are supposed to!! Thank you friend for pointing that out. Shoes are more fun if you do them right.

Monday, November 20, 2006

This Weekend!

anyone trying to contact me I am not at my machine. i cannot get my own email for some reason through the groups. Mom having surgery. I won't be online but about five minutes today. i will catch up with everyone on Tuesday!!

I had son pick up a couple letters earlier, but if i missed yours i am blaming him!! He went to Earthlink webmail and got them for me.

Don't give up on me, I will be back early Tuesday Morn.

Ring Found, Wearing Clogs, Knitting Ballerina Slippers

I found the ring in the washer, am wearing the burgundy clogs, and knitting away on a pair of the ballerina slippers for son's friend. Spent the whole weekend driving kids from one place to the other. Snow, blowing wind, rain.
Now I have a chest cold working up and a good excuse to have a hot coffee and knit til I drop!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Felting is an adventure.

I worked for 4 days at all that felting. I ended up giving the pink shoes to grand daughter Melody. I kept the burgundy ones but they need a touch of design change next time. The blue ones fit Kevin real good.

I drove down town to give Chris a ride home from work and looked at my cold hands on the steering wheel, my ring was GONE! I have worn my class ring every day since 1971. Gone!!

Did find it, was in the washer tub waiting for me to figure out it had slipped off during that slickery felting job. Whew!! I am knitting another pair of clogs and searching for the Felted Ballerina Shoe pattern. Or a good crochet one either felted or unfelted. any hints?

Friday, November 17, 2006

I don't felt so good.

I sure gave it a good try. The blue clogs fit son Kevin real good. The pink clogs are too big, the burgundy ones had NO FELT cuffs. DRAT! I waited til they dried a little, then ripped out the cuff one stitch at a time. Re knitted the cuffs, refelted and they are ok but still too big. Now I need felting help.
if you throw them back in the washer will they go ahead and shrink down more? I need to get them about one inch smaller all over.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pair Number Three Done. Now Let's Felt!!

Ok this time I used 3 strands on the soles, 2 strands on the tops. again increased the sole by a couple of rows. Now to go felt these and see how it turns out. My feet are freezing I sure hope at least one pair turns out to fit me. BRRR!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Two Pairs of Clogs In Two Days. WHEW!

Ok here is try number two. I made the soles shorter and 2 rows around wider. I increased the extra rows to go from the small size to the medium size stitch count. Then I used the medium part of the pattern to finish the clogs. OOPS! It just seemed like one long day really it was two days.


uh Oh! I get an F in Felting. Drat.

well guess pair number one is not gonna be for me. i found out that when you felt stuff it shrinks stuff in width way quicker that it does in length. so now they are too long. and i am gonna have to make another pair.

does anyone have any hints on just how in the world to figure out how to knit for felting? i sure thought they would be ok as a womans large shoe size. they would be ok in width but they are SO long! good think i have a son that wears size 16 shoes.

well here I go on felting try number two.

Clogs Info

I used Cascade 220 regular NOT superwash. I put a 12 inch wood ruler in the pic so you can see how huge these are when you knit them. I used a size 13 circ i purchased on sale at Michaels Craft store in Livonia. I bought one too long. it was a little tricky to slide the stitches around so on the second shoe i did not join them in the back until finished. I used a pattern purchased from Fiber Trends. Yarn is used double strand all the way through. I will wash and watch until felted and shrinking down to right size. Then form them, let dry, and I will have new clog house shoes. Winter is coming quick so good thing too. I am thinking I need to make another set of soles for them and felt them too then sew them on? If anyone made these can you tell me is it soft and wobbly like socks or stiff like shoes? Do I need another sole? should I knit another sole, sew it on, then felt or felt first them add sole?

Monday, November 13, 2006


Well not exactly. I did knit the clogs. But I have to get up my nerve to throw them in the washer. I might have to call the medics!

Best Friends

I am so lucky to have such a good friend.