Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Clogs Info

I used Cascade 220 regular NOT superwash. I put a 12 inch wood ruler in the pic so you can see how huge these are when you knit them. I used a size 13 circ i purchased on sale at Michaels Craft store in Livonia. I bought one too long. it was a little tricky to slide the stitches around so on the second shoe i did not join them in the back until finished. I used a pattern purchased from Fiber Trends. Yarn is used double strand all the way through. I will wash and watch until felted and shrinking down to right size. Then form them, let dry, and I will have new clog house shoes. Winter is coming quick so good thing too. I am thinking I need to make another set of soles for them and felt them too then sew them on? If anyone made these can you tell me is it soft and wobbly like socks or stiff like shoes? Do I need another sole? should I knit another sole, sew it on, then felt or felt first them add sole?

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