Monday, July 31, 2006

Working on Triangles shawl

I am plugging away on many projects. One of them is the Triangles shawl found at this site. HeartStrings .

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Mitten pattern.

I love to knit socks. The ribbing and ankle of my socks fit my wrist and hand fine so I used that number for my mittens.
Using size 1 1/2 needles because I used color work and sometimes I tend to get a little tight with it. Cast On 64. Work wrist ribbing for at least 1 1/2 inches. Using the Philosopher Wool method of color knitting I jumped into assorted graphs and patterns readily available or made up. When the mitten was at the right place for my thumb to be I used waste yarn and knitted 16 stitches at the front end of the row. One needles worth. drop the waste yarn leaving enough ends on it to tie them together so they don't get away while i knit the rest of the mitten. REKNIT that same needle now it will have waste yarn on it, not mitten yarn. Knit all the way around. All four needles. the waste yarn needle now has sock yarn on it. continue til mitten is long enough to begin decreases. dec as for socks. end off.

Mitten thumb details. UPDATED WITH SITE PDF INFO.

I put a close up of the thumb section. I used waste yarn for 1/4 total stitches. knitted the mitten, then picked up those stitches top and bottom of the waste line plus one at each end and knitted the thumb with 4 needles shown left mitten.
here is the PDF site i got the cute little squirrel from:
hope the links work. boy are they cute mittens!

On the home stretch with Mittens!

I am down to just the solid black finger tip of the mittens. I have the tip of the thumb to do on one too. The pictures are pink squirrels on one mitten and the other one has black birds. The rows of pattern colorwork are random and mixed. I used STR Socks That Rock yarn in Hot Flash pink and a black that is a denim sort of mixture. Just super to work with. Yarns available from Blue Moon or try my favorite yarn store The Fold .

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Finished my socks!

This is a pair, they don't match but what fun making them. I got the book at Blue Moon . Then just a couple of the ways to knit the same sock, with so many ways to change it still unexplored!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Pattern is now being tested and is available.

you can get free copies of the Dennis pattern which is typed up and being test knitted. Any brave souls or ready knitters can get this pattern at TSocksKAl or at SocksForSoldiers.
Knitters, "Start your needles".

Friday, July 21, 2006

Down the heel flap.

I knitted 9 stitches from the next needle, turned and began heel flap. i like the pattern running down the centers of the back and front. so far about 1/3 down the heel flap.

Adventurous Knitters

Ok here is a graph of the Dennis socks. If you can read the chart, jump in and knit away. I am writing up the text pattern as fast as I can and will also finish the bottom of the sock too. It has a cast on of 72. Cast on LOOSELY. I am doing mine this time on one long circ with markers to divide sections. It would be 18 on each of 4 needles. REPEAT GIVEN CHART ONE TIME PER NEEDLE.
total of four graphs around foot. Don't forget if you want to line up a row of pattern down the center of your sock instep to knit over to the correct start area for your heel flap so that your flap is centered with pattern stitching in the middle.

New Socks

Hey Dennis do you read my blog? Guess what? The new Dennis Ridges and Furrows socks are on the needles and almost to the heel flap. Pics and pattern soon! Surprise!!

Second Sock FairIsle

The more you do the easier it gets! I am really having a lot of fun with it. At first the 'color jogs' got me. Then I tried to use patterns that made it less obvious. I really would appreciate some help from those of you that know how to stop that color jog. Please help me with what ever tips or links you have to offer!! Both socks are down to the instep now. Heading to the toes!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Jack is at it again.

Today I wanted to play with my dog. I have a jack russell called Pirate Jack. I fixed him a new toy. He loves fake fur so I took a 10 inch piece of chair foam cushion, slipped a plastic squeaker deep inside it. Covered it with fake fur stitched real tightly all over with tiny stitches. He chewed and shook it until he ate his way through it. In one side and out the other. These pics are him smiling with the fur toy now hanging off of him like a collar or sweater!

Challenge Socks!

Here is my second sock from that book I am having a wonderful time knitting. I always have more than one, er uh , a dozen , things going at the same time. Small needle things and big needle things. The old eyes quit on me and fight back if I try to stick to teeny stuff too long. This sock is a blast to knit. I really can't wait now to jump into a pair with all kinds of colors of yarns. you only use 2 strands of color. It gets the wild color changes because you use painted or colored yarn.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Spinning for socks, mixing wools?

I need some input on mixing wools. If I spin yarn for socks. If I do it in different colors so I can do colorwork. Do I have to use all the same kind of wool from same sheep? Can I mix and match my fibers? Can I use brown BFL and white Corriedale and even some colored fiber throwed in? Spinners please help out with this. The yarn I make would not really all have to be the same size right? Suggestions Please!!

So you think you can knit huh?

Well I sure have a challenge for you!! This book is so good I can't put it down. Up all night reading and knitting and have had more fun than ever . This book is not your everyday pick a page and knit that pattern. NO WAY!
It has recipes. You choose this part and that part and these graphs and every pair you knit can be different. There are mittens and booties and socks. I am knitting my fingers to little nubs playing with this. At least go look at it.
Anyone up for a little knit a long using this book? If you have this book contact me or leave me a comment here. I would sure like to have fun with some friends with it!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Finished Objects

I finished one of the projects I am currently working on. And would love to hear suggestions on future cast ons. This is BrightRock color cashmere from ColourMart UK. and it is gorgeous!

I am considering Lyra, Rose of England and a few other lace shawls. Any ideas on which new project I should cast on??

Friday, July 07, 2006

He was lost, but now is found.

I finally found Sockie but not until I took a trip to the store and bought big flashlights. I looked and looked and there he was hanging from his yarn ball. He had taken up bungee jumping and there he hung, swinging in the breeze. Shame on Sockie for not filing a 'flight' plan. I could have started the search a lot earlier if I had known what part of the room to look in. I will certainly watch him a lot closer now that I know he can't be trusted to use good sense!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

HELP I lost Sockie!

Somehow poor Sockie got lost. One minute he was on the table and the next he is gone. I suspect he has been kidnapped. Please contact me immediately if you receive any notes or phone calls concerning the whereabouts of Sockie Sockblocker. Please return him unharmed. I will gladly pay a ransom.

New Knit-A-Longs Links Here

The Maple Leaf socks seems to be a success. The Kim's Socks areknitting up quick. Two yahoo groups are now open for knitting socks patterns, and one for shawls and other stuff.
The Cascading Leaves Socks.
The Maple Leaf Socks
The Pretty Petals Socks
Shawls and Other Stuff
If you are interested in joining us in any of these group settings just click on the above names to go to the correct yahoo group site.
all patterns are there free. bring your yarn and needles.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

My Mom The Artist

Ever wonder where I get the artsy craftsy thing at? Now you know.

Sockie Loves Ashford

Time To Spin !

Today I think Sockie and I will see how much we can spin. I want to finish up a whole skein with my new Spinner and get it set and drying. Then I want to spin another skein with the white Corriedale from The Fold. After I get enough of it to make a shawl i want to dye it and start knitting it. The Corriedale made the most beautiflul blooming yarn ever.
I can't wait to get started. Now if Sockie would just tell me where he hid my coffee cup. I can't spin or knit without my coffee!

The Great Maple Leaf KAL Has Begun !!

A query sent out...the answers they came
pouring in like April showers... a soft, steady rain.
The question was posed..."Will you join in the fun?"
A challenge for Maple Leaf socks to be done.

Read the rest of this marvelous poem
Written by: PJensvold on her blog at:

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Le Tour de Fleece 2006

I signed up for the spinning adventure. The Le Tour de Fleece 2006. I have my fiber ready and my spindle, spinner, and wheel all at the starting line! I received some pencil roving from someone real generous. I have never even seen real pencil roving. How weird that I thought it would be round. Hmmm.... But I am off and spinning happily away and thinking kind thoughts to all my fiber friends. Today is a good day!! Now if I can keep Sockie out of my roving. Ever since he learned to spin he has been a real fiber terror to be around. Now he wants his own spinning wheel. Oh sure, like they sell 3 inch spinning wheels at every Fiber Store around.

More Socks Done Free Pattern Now Available.

This pair is made from STR carbon dating colorways. I used a cast on of 60 st and size 1 1/2 needles. Grab it for free in my sock group. This is a pattern written for Kim from yahoo group Socks For Soldiers. Good Luck!!