Thursday, June 29, 2006

Now To Tell The Truth.

ok you caught me, it wasn't really me spinning the laceweight yarn. nope. I am busted. I will have to be truthful and finally spill the beans. It was Sockie. What? Don't believe me? Here is the picture to prove it.

He has his own Rakestraw Spinner and now he is using up all my fiber. How do you like his Buzzy Bee outfit? Spin Sockie Spin!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Socks are 'in the mail'

My Secret Sister Socks really are in the mail. Look for them!!

UPDATE she got them and they fit fine. the woolease is a touch warm for summer but now that I know they fit I am off to start on the next pair. Look out secret sister, here they come!!

Spinng Away

I got my spinner in the mail. Pretty good service! Here is the good and bad about it.
TheBad: I could kick myself right in the ankle bone for not thinking of this first. It is really a great idea !
There is not nearly enough of that great, super, fun fiber that came with it to try out.
TheGood: works perfectly, is lovely, well made, sturdy, easy to use, very user friendly, comes with instruction booklet and practice fiber already on it and ready to spin, takes apart for easy travel and take-with!, simple design, pretty wood.
Am I glad I got one. YES! I have drop spindles. Very pretty delicate drop spindles with name brands and I love them with all my heart. And they are delicate, breakable, and do not come apart, at least not on purpose.
When I spin with a drop spindle I end up with hands above shoulder level. This is not a plus when your old shoulders have give out. So use the park and draft method. Now let's talk about that. I am a fluffy lady. er hum. yes that is how you could put it. Some of us do not have those long slender legs of a gazelle. But more of a round stout teapot body and the only legs I got sticking out is just before the kneecaps. I tried >>SPINNN>>>>>! and park. Park where? Squeeze it between those knees? I don't think so. so I tried laying it down on my stomach and called it park and draft. A regular drop spindle rolls right off the belly when you park it. I tried sticking it under my right arm. It don't work when you park a regular drop spindle like that. To park and draft with a regular drop spindle I would need one with a stick of about 18 good inches long so it don't get lost.
With this spinner I flip flip flip, park it right on me, just lay it on my lap, leg, stomach, table. it just lays there smiling, happily waiting on me to continue. then draft away into the wild blue yonder yippeee whoopeee away I go!
Then wrap all that lovely new single ply, and flip flip flip. No over the shoulder, no looking for a place to 'park' it at. Play Play Play. all done? slide that little round knobbed stick out, put both pieces in the velvet pouch and away you go.

So do I like it? Yes I do. I am going to carry it with me everywhere. I finally might be able to spin enough yarn to make something. Here at home I always seem to get sidetracked, but in public, in the car, waiting on the kids, in line at the store i can see taking this good sturdy unique play toy tool and actually having a good time. No pattern to follow like knitting in public, no needles all fragile and delicate to lose or break, just a good spin. Does she have a name? yes. I believe I will call her after my secret sister. She knows who she is.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

It's On The Way.

Soon my Rakestraw Spinner will be here. I finally got the webform to cooperate and take my order. I am pretty dense sometimes and just can't figure out what to put in what blank to make it go to the next screen. After I watched the video a few times ok about 20 times, I tried to spin and park with my regular spindle. It works. But I still have trouble with the shoulder thing. I really hope the shape and method of this works. I love to spin. Plus it doesn't look so delicate or flimsy either. Maybe it will travel a little better in the purse or bag. I can sure hope so.
Now I am sure looking at my favorite shop for more fiber!

Friday, June 23, 2006


Did you ever have those times when you was knitting away in a frenzy and really thinking 'Gee I am sure getting a lot done!' Only to find out OOPS! I forgot to center my heel of my sock with the ankle pattern.Oh my that is a whole lot of frogging to do. I had started the gusset when I realized while I was breaking my arm patting myself on the back for knitting so speedily that all of it was in the wrong place. Drat Drat Drat. I guess I was just too tired last night to remember to do it. Now all that work is frogged and here I go again on that same heel flap. I was really enjoying it but not nearly enough to want to do it over.

I know what I was thinking about. Yep those Spindles. It isn't like I don't have a drop spindle or even a spinning wheel but the newness of another toy to play with has sort of peaked my interest. I want to spin and sometimes the old shoulders just won't cooperate for the drop spindle. Maybe I am doing it wrong with that one too. But lots of spinners have more than one drop spindle. Why? Because, like potato chips, nobody can stop with just one. so just because it spins sideways not up and down I don't see any difference in adding it to my little tiny spindle collection. And I do mean tiny. I am still in single digits here.

Someone wrote to me and told me they liked fun stuff too. I have all kinds of fun 'toys' to play with. My coffee cup changes color with heat. When my coffee is hot the sun is out on the island beach and it is full day time. When my coffee starts getting cold the sun goes away, sky turns dark, and little stars come out. By glancing at the cup I can tell if I should hurry up and finish drinking that cup.

What about coffee? Anyone else drink coffee or cappuccino? I love it. I bought this coffee frother/mixer at Culinary Parts online. I like it so much I have purchased half a dozen of them and sent them to my mother too. I like to drink hot cappuccino mix by Hills Bros. Found at any Farmer Jack store. Every morning I make a fresh pot of coffee and use it with the mix for a real great cup of hot cappuccino! ok I know you are supposed to use hot water with the mix but i like coffee with my coffee.

Hope you have a really super Knitting Day!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sockies New Shoe

Here are some pics of Sockies new shoes. If you click on the small pic you will be able to see a bigger one.

The little shoe is knitted flat with decrease and short row toe shaping then seamed up the back and down the center of the sole.

Knitting Away! Sockies Shoe Pattern

Using sz 2 needle and small ball of STR medium weight yarn. Cast on 32. Row 1 and Row 2. Knit.
Row 3.Purl. Row 4. Knit. Row 5. Purl. Row 6. Knit.
Row 7. Purl.
Row 8. K 14, k2tog, k2tog, k2, turn.
Row 9. Slip 1, purl 5, turn.
Row 10. Slip 1, k2tog, k2tog, turn.
Row 11. Slip 1, purl 5, turn.
Row 12. Slip 1, k2tog, k2tog, knit to the end of row.
Row 13. Purl across the entire row. Row 14. Knit bind off loosely. Sew up back and the sole of the shoe. Do NOT cut yarn until you try shoe on for size. If it fits cut it off and sew it up. If it is too small or too large change size of needle and try again. Good Luck.
For mary jane strap. cast on 12 st. Row 1. k1, yo, k2tog, k9 turn Row 2. purl across row, turnRow 3. knit bind off. The little yo gives you a button hole on that end of the use a little bead or tiny button on the shoe right where the strap closes. Fit to shoe, stitch one end to shoe, close with bead.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

How About A Date?

Perhaps with this lovely new tuxedo Sockie will be able to get a date. I hear prom is coming soon. If any of you lovely ladies are looking for the perfect companion just let us know.

Bitsy would you like to go out?

Monday, June 19, 2006

Sockie's Big Fish

Yesterday was a pretty good day on the boat. Sockie caught a big fish. Just look at this!

He is wearing his lovely new water colored outfit and hat.

This afternoon maybe a bar-b-q?

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

Sockie is having a wonderful Father's Day on his lake. Just sailing away in the summer sun! See him waiving?

Have a great day Sockie.

And even though he isn't here now,
Happy Father's Day Dad

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Buying That Perfect House

Sockie figured it was time to make a decision on that home he has been looking at. So this will be home from now on in the summer. Of course he will get a winter home too. But for good fishing and boating this was the perfect choice.
To see home full size click on the house.

Saturday Time To Do A Little Yardwork

I told him it was going to be a hot weekend but he is determined to get that back yard looking good for tomorrow. Since it is going to be Father's Day he thought maybe he would dress up then. So today he is wearing a sporty sock and just finishing up a little lawn work.
Go Sockie Go!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Spinning The Corriedale

I had so much joy spinning the corriedale fiber from The Fold that I stayed up most of last night. I finally finished plying and setting just a little over 200 yards. I rinsed it with a touch of cream rinse and it smells great. It bloomed beautifully and is so soft and smooth to the touch. It looks pretty wild in places but overall it has a good appearance to it and I think will knit up into a warm soft shawl for that someone that is so special to me.

All Dressed Up And No Place To Go

Today we will go to the bank and grocery store. After all what is the reason for a new shoe if you can't go out and show it off?

I am knitting away on the cashmere shawl, a pair of Maple Leaf socks, and a bag pattern for a friend. Wonder where I can get enough yarn to make 100 socks for Sockie? Anyone with the urge to see Sockie wearing a sock out of their left over yarn?

Maybe a sock a day for a year? Think I will file this under too much spare time.

The Adventures of SockieBlocker

Little Sockie The Blocker received sock number 3 and a lovely emerald green shoe yesterday. The third sock is a hot mixture of pinks with bits of blue throwed in. It has an open cuff that closes with 4 little pearl beads. The shoe is a mary jane style and closes with one pearl bead at the ankle strap. Since Sockie is aquiring so many lovely socks now we are looking at Flash. Hmmm wonder if Flash comes in Sockie's size....

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Five Things Closest To My Chair

Ok I got this from L's Blog.
Take a look around you. Apart from your computer and its peripherals, and your computer desk/table/milk crate and chair, what, in order of their physical closeness, are the five things nearest to you right now?
1. Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel
2. Coffee Cup
3. Snacks
4. TV Remote
5. Pink Coffee Pot
Yes that pretty well sums me up. Hmmm.

And Last But Not Least

No one in the world knows you like your mom. She sent me the greatest goodie box today. All kinds of snacks to eat and a Sponge Bob Board Game. If you only knew me and Sponge Bob's secret. I got a 'thing' for Sponge Bob. It's those underpants. Yes I can see it now...
Jeanie Squarepants. Oh yes. I like it.

More Good Mail

My friend Fiadhnat McGrath in Ireland sent me this neat little goodie. It is a stitch keeper. She got it at StitchKeepers . I think it is a good idea because the cups are vinyl and should last for a very long time. The elastic is easily replacible for longer or shorter needle sets and comes in many different sizes. These are so cute and useful. now no more broke off tips and lost stitches in my purse!! You got to love that.

Goodies In The Mail

I have my little key chain and two socks done already. Am working on sock three with green homespun! Working on a whole wardrobe for the cute little thing. Just love it. A good quick knit!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Really Good Spin

I discovered corriedale all over again. Sometimes fiber spins and fights back, sometimes it just spins and you hear humming in your ears. A low sweet song that fills the day. This corridale is spinning itself and humming away to me. I got it at The Fold . Good plain white corriedale. Who would have ever guessed that it would be so good? I alternate between the BFL from 'L' and the lovely singing white corriedale on my Ashford Traditional. I am in love with spinning all over again.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Importance Of Gauge Shown Here.

Somehow we did the same sock in the same way and here is the results. Lisa has the lovliest little delicate elf sockie. My first try turned out this HUGE green honkin sock and even with a second try I can't get it small enough. Drat. I am gonna knit socks for the keychain until my head falls off or I get it right! My keychain will be the best dressed? foot in all of Michigan. Do feet get dressed?

My Order Came Today !

I received a very generous gift certificate for my birthday. My secret sister "S" sent it to me. It took me this long to decide what kind of great goodies to spend it on. I ordered some spinning fiber from Toni at
The Fold and it came today! I got a box full of white corriedale and heathery brown blue faced leicester. This wonderful fiber is spinning up like a dream. I had a really good experience spinning the BFL because "L" sent some to me. The feel of this stuff is like feathers brushing your cheek. I may not have a million friends but the friends I have are worth a million to me.

I Found A Great Spindle!

I spend a lot of time in the car riding with my sons. Then I set there. I try to bring my knitting with me but it seems like I always get lost in the pattern if I try to knit away from home. I was surfing around and found the neatest idea. I have used everything from an ink pen to a used spark plug to spin with. Even got so hard up one day I bought cotton balls at a drug store and spent the afternoon stuck in the car spinning away with them and a pencil. But this spindle, actually a Rakestra Spinner is the absolute greatest idea for car spinning I have ever seen. For new spinners the park and draft method would make it a snap to learn to spin. Instead of needing all that overhead arm room and hearing the thud of a real 'drop' spindle doing it's thing now spinning is possible on my own side of the car. No more arms wildly waving in the air. My son hates that! Ok it does look like I am directing traffic or an orchestra. But not anymore. Look out Kevin and Harold, Here I come!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Little Sock Blocker Link

Someone said my little link didn't work so here we go again!
You can look at them at Felt Up Designs. I am now searching all over for those little bits of sock yarn. What fun to be able to knit and not have that second sock syndrome to worry about. All I have to make is one!

The Cutest Little Key Chains!

I love to surf the net. Late at night my friend "L" and I look at site after site. I found the cutest little tiny sock blocker keychains. I could not wait to hurry up and get my order in. I am in love with them. Just think all of the sock yarn scraps and all of the little pieces I practices spinning on are now going to make a whole wardrobe of little socks just for my keychain. I am going to have the best dressed keychain in Michigan! You can find them at Felt UP Designs . I have seen these little cuties many times on blogs but not once could I ever find a site address to buy them at. I finally found it so sure want to share it here!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

All kinds of fibery goodness!

I received all kinds of gorgeous fibers from The Fold. owned by Toni Neal. I love this color. I have shetland, blue faced leicester, black blue faced leicester with alpaca and some corriedale! All in browns and reddish browns. I am really having a good time spinning away with it. I got my spindle there too! I thought they only sold yarn. Isn't this the prettiest stuff?
I think that website is under construction but sure is a fun place to look around.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Knit Knit Knit

I finally got some knitting done today. Love working on this pair of socks for my secret sister and a shawl too! Love the snowdrop shawl . Free PDF with that link. Using some really great cashmere fingering yarn. Here is a preview of the Maple Leaf Socks. I have the first one down to the instep now.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A Little Online Trouble Today

My server went down today for most of the day. I had to have some online tech support and of course the first thing they do is empty your cookies. Why they think getting rid of my cookies will solve the fact that they have been hacked and have thousands of customers with lost email is beyond me. But finally I have gotten some of my cookies rebuilt and can at least get back into my own blog.

Maple Leaf Socks Knit-A-Long

Join us for the FREE sock knitAlong at TSKAL , join us there for free pattern and over 75 people signed up so far to chat with and share your finished socks with! Use any yarn you choose with whatever needle size gives you the gauge to fit your feet. Free Pattern stitch rewrites for the number of stitches you need to knit your socks. Official knit-a-long date is set for July 1st at this time. **update over 200 people now signed up.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Not Just Knitting News.

My son, dear Kevin, bought that car that has been chasing him up and down the street begging him to "buy me". It is the one he chose out of all the ones out there. Bless his little heart. The car is a Mazda6 2003 in a lovely gray color.

Newest Socks Finished!

These were done in STR Spring Fling colorways and heels and toes in Rose Garnet. The picture shows the color a little darker than they actually are.
They are Secret Sister Socks for my very special Friend. I sure hope she likes them. Much love to you!