Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Past is The Present

when i was a kid i had the most wonderful childhood. good food and a home. my grandma Thelma sewed these little stuffed toys for me and my brother and sisters. Now I am remaking them for us. I'm going to sew a set or two for my son Matts kids and maybe some day when they get to be my age they will remember their grandma sewing the toys for them...

do any of you go back to your past? i'm playing with my toys and video games. doing my crochet thread work. my neighbor across the street, Ila Reah Million, taught me to crochet on a yellow thread pineapple doily in 1970. The best times of our lives are when we don't have all the worries of grown folks. no bills no pressures just play and live.

i'm also going to carve some hitty dolls. i thought you just whipped out your pocket knife and went at it. nope. first of all that is not true, most pocket knives are not any where close to sharp enough to carve real wood. so i'm still working on getting the knife sharp enough! When I get the dolls carved out more I will post pics of them.

My friend Alice from my REAL early child hood is still in contact with me by email. I can't ask for a better or happier period in life. Maybe 45 years ago or longer and we still are buddies.

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BB said...

All the time. I still love malteds, miss coddies, and get very nostalgics for summer evenings without light pollution.