Monday, August 07, 2006

All Mittens, All The Time!

A cute little mouse mitten pattern can be found HERE. Help for the thumb of a mitten can be seen in pictures at DIY and more info is there. FLAPPERS mittens and hat set for children. Knitting stitches onto waste yarn video at DIY. Mittens with the thumb as a gusset side gore HERE. HouseMittens. Excellent pic of waste yarn in mittens here at YarnHarlot. Here are some RoundTop mittens. Lovikka Mitten. SnowFlake mitten. Scroll down on this one for pic of needles inserted into those thumb stitches ready to go. Easy Striped mittens. BIG mitten PDF here. Mittens with one finger and thumb called Trigger Finger Mittens. Most Gorgeous Mittens with CLEAR picture of the hole where the waste yarn goes, she did it different with a cast on for the top of the hole. i use a knit across one needle with waste yarn. now knit that same needle with real mitten yarn and continue mitten. work until mitten is finished. pick up stitches around waste yarn and knit thumb by itself. but this last pair under the Clear click is also one of the very best patterned ones!

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