Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sweater all ripped out and re-balled.

Now I am going to start my sweater over again. This time I will plan it better and see if I can manage to get the rest of the needed yarn for it. I had a great start going on it with the cutest chickens. I am going to try to put dogs and chickens and maybe foxes on this one. Any suggestions for good graphs or extra large sweater patterns? here is my chickens, the sweater is folded this is one fourth of the circular yoke and collar I had knitted. I found a really good review of this yarn at REVIEW and it tells all about how soft and plush it really is. I am using the fisherman weight also.
NOTE* This sweater is knitted with BULKY weight wool I purchased from an online store 6 months ago. It is 100% wool and the same weight as LOPI.


Lisa said...

Can't wait to see what the new sweater will look like! Keep us posted!

Catherine Kerth said...

THANK YOU!!!!! i Lost your email and I was hoping it would be on your blog :( I want to thank you!!!!!!!!!!

:L, Laura said...

chickens, i've seen some somewhere! just have to remember.
blessings, :L