Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Washing Fleece Time!!

I spent all afternoon yesterday feeling sad so decided to get after it and get some of the fleece washed. I used hair shampoo on it and it came out so white. Now waiting on it to dry. I read that some commercial soaps have bleach in them and bleach eats wool. I figured the safest soap I could use would be shampoo. Any other ideas?? It is now on a big screen door to dry. I feel some spinning coming on!!
This picture is taken from my front door to the edge of front porch. whole 6 foot long screen covered with fluffy fleece drying. OH BOY!


Lisa said...

I can't wait to see the yarn you get from all that fluffy white goodness!

Nancy J said...

The absolute Best fleece wash for me is Dawn dish detergent. Whatever you use to wash your fleece, though, might just seem never to totally rinse out. In any rinse you can add just a glug of white vinegar and it will cut the suds ASAP! Then rinse again to get rid of vinegar smell, if you don't like it!

nana said...

Ivory flakes are bleach free, also. And you could use this liquid soap (soft soap?)that was used to scrub the wood floors with in the olden days.
I did a part of a fleece with it, and it worked perfect.

I read somewhere else, that there is a fleece artist, who washes it in pet shampoo, and she is totally happy with the price and the way her fleece turns out after the wash.

Ellen Rogers Smith Hogan said...

A lot of spinners use Orvus paste to wash fleece. I like good old woolite and cold water - for the not-too greasy fleeces.

Anonymous said...

You can use All Free, the one with no bleach and no perfumes. Leaves fleece in great condition!