Saturday, August 12, 2006

Little Dog Where Are You?

I have searched and searched for a little dog to love. You would think with so many unwanted animals that one little dog would not be such a big search. I have not even found one in my area. Not one. If any little pups or dogs are out there looking for a good old lady to love them where are you? I tried the shelters, they want as much as $500. Seems like then it is about money not finding fido a loving home. What do you think? Where would you find a furry heart to love, in or around Detroit? Maybe it is time to get that miniature sheep and call it Spot after all?


Lisa said...

Aw, I sure hope you find a little furry someone soon. It will be the luckiest little dog around if it has you to love it! Good luck sweetie!

Nancy J said...

I think I would check local weekly papers, maybe a radio station has a swap shop/tradio program? Lots of times people just want to find their puppies/dogs a good home. Often they are moving and have to give their pet away. There is a doggie out there just waiting for you, Jeanie.

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Hi Jeanie. Did you try Petfinder? I know my husband's cousin found her Irish Wolfhound that way. Loveable Benji arrived via plane years ago, and he is such an awesome dog. Crossing my fingers for you. (HUG)

JeanTownsend said...

How can I thank you? I did try and that is where I found Molly. If all goes good she will be here this weekend. The hold up is tht it is over 4 hours travel time one way. My son Kevin and Trish are going to travel up to Gladwin, rest up at her home then travel on to Bear Lake. Pick up Molly, travel back to Gladwin, rest up and then finish the journey by late night.
So thank you for suggesting pet finder. You might just have solved a real problem and made the two of us very happy for many many years.

Emily said...

$500 does seem a bit much. Being so overpopulated and all, I don't think the shelters around here would dare charge that much. Hope Molly's home soon.