Saturday, August 12, 2006

I Had Another Fleecy Day!

My son moved his great big aquarium from in front of the upstairs closet door. We have lived here now for over 4 yrs. Guess what I found? Yep those fleeces I thought I had imagined. So I spent all afternoon and washed 5 more of them.
White shetland, White fuzzy unknown, Gray-Oatmeal romney with brownish tips, Chocolate Corriedale, and some Brown merino. That is 10 fleeces in 3 days. I hope this winter we get 3 feet of snow and the whole city closes down around me. I will lock up and spin til I drop.
The first fleece was a white freebie. it is in a big white bag, above on left is todays 5 fleeces and on the right is the other 4 fleeces for comparison. Total 10.


mf said...

ohhhh lots of nice fleeces! happy spinning!

April said...

Eeeeeheheheheh! 10 fleeces in 3 days! Sorry about the laugh, but I've currently got about 21# of fiber drying on the back deck with about 6 garbage bags (big black 33 gallon) fulll of fleece out in the shed to wash myself. Seems all I do is wash fleece and very little spinning or knitting at this time! It's nice to run into a compatriot who is dreaming of being snowbound for the winter with LOTS of fiber to spin up! Fun Fun Fun! Your fleece look beautiful and you have a nice color range. Happy combing/carding and spinning!

Leigh said...

I've been surfing The Spinning Wheel and couldn't resist admiring all those lovely fleeces. A spinner's dream come true.

Anonymous said...

Well the city closing down would be great just keep those schools open so the kids are gone right sis