Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dog Gone.

About 4 months ago my kids broght a dog home that was being kicked across the school grounds. The daughter of the owner was with them, her mom pulled up and said we don't want the dog is why we throwed it out if you want it keep it. I did. For 4 months me and Jack was tighter than bark on a tree. Today a lady that did not have anything to do with it came by with daughter of lady that gave it to me, obviously they sold the dog and since I can't prove a thing they wanted the dog back. So now Jack is not here anymore. How sad that I live in a city that you have to fear the neighbors.
The little dog wanted to go with the girl, he doesn't know what waits on the other end for him.
So far in the years we have lived in this city we have had the fence kicked in and brown dog stolen, car broken into radio gone, other car stolen, house windows broken, gun shot holes in siding. Not a real pleasant place to put down roots.
But for now I am dogless. I think the only thing that will cure me is to go spin a million yards of yarn. Keep me in your kind thoughts. I am feeling pretty rough.


Anonymous said...

That is awful, Jeannie. I would definitely call the humane society about these people.

Lisa said...

I am so sorry about Jack! I know how much you loved having him around! He sure was special and I am glad you got to love him for at least a little while.

Judith said...

My heart is with you for your loss. I feel very sad for you.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry too weenie cause I know when you love something you really love it or them. Some people have no sense of right and wrong they only think of themselves and not even whats best for the animal.

candy said...

"How sad that I live in a city that you have to fear the neighbors."...I am so sorry that you live like that...to me this means you wanted to tell the Girl and lady sorry, Jack is mine but you fear of them getting back at you somehow...I have an albino cat that somebody came to my door and said here, dogs were chasing it and literally tossed her into my arms. I went all over the neighborhood knocking on doors looking for the owners. She is so beautiful I cannot imagine people throwing her out but somebody did along with 2 other albino sibling that I could not catch. If anybody comes by my house to claim her, tuff xxxx, she is mine now. I have had her for 2 years now and she is part of my family as I'm sure Jack was part of yours. Again, I'm very sorry for you and Jack.

Anonymous said...

What horrible people! Since you had the dog, he was yours to keep. This is one of the times when possession is 9/10's of the law. I'd have closed the door in their face and told them to take a long walk off a short pier. Even if a cop came to the door, the people would have to take you to small claims court, to prove the animal belonged to them, and not you.
I'm so sorry, Jeanie. I just hate when people abuse animals like those people did.