Friday, August 25, 2006

All worn out and ready for bed.

Molly Jack-A-Bee is all worn out and ready to go to sleep. Here she let her bunny rabbit toy fall out of her mouth to the floor and she is watching it. Wonder if she is waiting on it to move?
Just in case she is, Hey Molly it's a toy!
I bought a purple halter for her and an engraved name tag to go with her dog tag on her collar. I am going to get another one tomorrow. No room for the phone number on the first one. She is a great comfort to me.
I am glad she is here to meet me when I come home. Bless her little dog heart.


kathy said...

Ohhh...How sweet she is! Doggies are such wonderful friends. Sofee sends licks and kisses her way!!

Not That Kat said...

I think she's thinking "drat, it's so far down there. I don't wanna go get it. Gee, I wish some nice person would come by and pick it up and give it back to me."

Anonymous said...

Jeanie, I know how you feel about Molly being there when you get home. Dogs are so loving and loyal. I am so glad you have her! If you have a Pet Smart in your area, you can probably make a new tag with your phone number there. We always go there to make them for our "Boy"

Amanda said...

she is soooo adorable! and i agree, that is the "longing for the toy, but lacking the motivation, by looking adorable yet pathetic, my mom will surely pick it up for me..."