Wednesday, August 09, 2006

All Four Fleeces Closer Shots

black and white shetland and gray dorset

oatmeal romney and brown merino


Lisa said...

Holy flippin fleece Batman. You got some major work to do now lol!

Barbara said...

gorgeous fleece, do you find that your method removes all the lanolin that you wanted to?


JeanTownsend said...

i washed my fleece in little bitty sections big as a shoe box for years. but now i dump the whole big fleece in that fish pond tub. it probably holes 30 gallons of hot water. 1 bottle of shampoo. and good to go. i wash the fleece real gently. then squeeze not twist most of the water out. put it in mesh bags, spin only in washer. then lay aside. wash fleece after fleece in that hot tub or if it needs changing do it.
when done washing all i want to wash i start with cool water out of the hose and fill it for rinse. about 1/3 bottle of cream rinse and 30 gallons of clear water, rinse it real clean and it is so soft anf fluffy and spins like a dream. i tried it no cream rinse but it felt sticky? and not at all pleasant even while still wet. now it is heavenly soft and fluffy and cards good and the smell!! you can have anything you want from raspberries to the great outdoors to spin.