Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Spinng Away

I got my spinner in the mail. Pretty good service! Here is the good and bad about it.
TheBad: I could kick myself right in the ankle bone for not thinking of this first. It is really a great idea !
There is not nearly enough of that great, super, fun fiber that came with it to try out.
TheGood: works perfectly, is lovely, well made, sturdy, easy to use, very user friendly, comes with instruction booklet and practice fiber already on it and ready to spin, takes apart for easy travel and take-with!, simple design, pretty wood.
Am I glad I got one. YES! I have drop spindles. Very pretty delicate drop spindles with name brands and I love them with all my heart. And they are delicate, breakable, and do not come apart, at least not on purpose.
When I spin with a drop spindle I end up with hands above shoulder level. This is not a plus when your old shoulders have give out. So use the park and draft method. Now let's talk about that. I am a fluffy lady. er hum. yes that is how you could put it. Some of us do not have those long slender legs of a gazelle. But more of a round stout teapot body and the only legs I got sticking out is just before the kneecaps. I tried >>SPINNN>>>>>! and park. Park where? Squeeze it between those knees? I don't think so. so I tried laying it down on my stomach and called it park and draft. A regular drop spindle rolls right off the belly when you park it. I tried sticking it under my right arm. It don't work when you park a regular drop spindle like that. To park and draft with a regular drop spindle I would need one with a stick of about 18 good inches long so it don't get lost.
With this spinner I flip flip flip, park it right on me, just lay it on my lap, leg, stomach, table. it just lays there smiling, happily waiting on me to continue. then draft away into the wild blue yonder yippeee whoopeee away I go!
Then wrap all that lovely new single ply, and flip flip flip. No over the shoulder, no looking for a place to 'park' it at. Play Play Play. all done? slide that little round knobbed stick out, put both pieces in the velvet pouch and away you go.

So do I like it? Yes I do. I am going to carry it with me everywhere. I finally might be able to spin enough yarn to make something. Here at home I always seem to get sidetracked, but in public, in the car, waiting on the kids, in line at the store i can see taking this good sturdy unique play toy tool and actually having a good time. No pattern to follow like knitting in public, no needles all fragile and delicate to lose or break, just a good spin. Does she have a name? yes. I believe I will call her after my secret sister. She knows who she is.

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mf said...

Thanks for the review.. I thnk I may have to just order one of these....I have some simular issues with the drop spindle thing