Thursday, June 29, 2006

Now To Tell The Truth.

ok you caught me, it wasn't really me spinning the laceweight yarn. nope. I am busted. I will have to be truthful and finally spill the beans. It was Sockie. What? Don't believe me? Here is the picture to prove it.

He has his own Rakestraw Spinner and now he is using up all my fiber. How do you like his Buzzy Bee outfit? Spin Sockie Spin!!


Robin said...

Hi Jeanie, I want to order a Sockie. How do I go about it?? The socks you've made are adorable!!

JeanTownsend said... is the place to get him and i also made Sockie the word a hotlink in that post. i just love that little thing. he has a dozen socks now!!