Thursday, June 15, 2006

More Good Mail

My friend Fiadhnat McGrath in Ireland sent me this neat little goodie. It is a stitch keeper. She got it at StitchKeepers . I think it is a good idea because the cups are vinyl and should last for a very long time. The elastic is easily replacible for longer or shorter needle sets and comes in many different sizes. These are so cute and useful. now no more broke off tips and lost stitches in my purse!! You got to love that.


mf said...

I love them!! Will keep those DPNs from poking through bags and things wont' it! Enjoy!

Abigale said...

I have some of those. I got mine from Knitpicks, but I think they aren't selling them anymore. They are wonderful!! When I remember to use them that is. I think I've already lost one set. But man, they really are handy. I've always got a sock on the go in my bag, and have lost needles off the working stitches more times than I can count.