Monday, July 23, 2007

New Project anyone else interested??

This image shown with permission.

I saw this sweater pattern picture online while yarn shopping at Astrid's. Now I have to knit it. So I wonder if anyone else out there is interested in a knit along for this sweater? I love it. After I finish the kauni sweater I am working on I will be starting this one. Waiting on my yarn now. I like the fast shipping times and yarn choices I get at Astrid's so I will be getting mine there. I wanted to use the exact yarn as used in the pattern. Matching the colors is important to me because I want to end up with a result as close to that pic as I can get.

if you think you might want to join me and knit it with me send me an email and let me know. Already sure you want to do it? contact Astrid for same yarn. Click her Purple link above and go to her site.

New Knit-A-Long Blog up for this sweater!

I can't wait to get started!!

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