Monday, July 02, 2007

Grandkids , the adventure, the saga continues.

We now have all 3 grandkids here. My son is working as hard as he can to help out. But little boys want bikes and new shoes and gym shorts. I am a big thrift store shopper but still it can be terrible to start a little kid all over again. He lost everything he had in the move. Clothes, toys, shoes, all of it. He came here to daddy with a small handful of clothes and some shoes that was too short already. He has gained ten pounds and inches taller too. Is now a lovely nut brown and as healthy as a horse.

So there is a never ending list of stuff that kids want. The oldest boy grand kid had a birthday on Saturday. He turned 14, he wants a video game and to go to the Harry Potter new movie.
So I put his birthday off until next week and hope we get to go. Right now youngest grandson's dad, my boy Harold is using my car to get to work every day. The 'van' quit again. If it was a horse we would put it down for good. My car has a bad habit of just quitting. Driving along on a freeway and the motor cuts off. We can't figure it out but are trying to get at least one of them fixed for reliable transportation.

Our life here is an adventure. Everyday brings something new.

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