Monday, October 01, 2007

I got my glasses!

Now if i can just learn to see again. I got bifocals. Coffee brown brushed metal rims. The lenses are transition and turn brown in the sunlight. I have been knitting holding the needles and yarn and looking over my old glasses for so many years that it is a learning curve to know how to use the new bifocals. I am doing it pretty good.

My most wonderful friend Barbara called. She is doing well and I want her to know I love you! and send you all my prayers and hugs. Get well soon!!

The sweater knitalong at Astrids is doing really good. I am substituting some graphs for the given ones, you guys all know I can't do anything without changing it somewhere!! New pics posted soon I hope.

Write in and let me know you are still out there. I am trying to get the homefront all tightened up for winter.
Son Harold's van is finally running. How long who knows but it is running today!! He put another transmission in it and this time it has the right amount of plug ins on it.
Son Kevin parked his car in front of the house and within 3 minutes a fool next door wrecked his front drivers corner of it pretty good. We know cars are made out of aluminum foil now and it sure shows it! Kevin almost fainted when he saw it. Yee Gosh! They said they will fix it. Son isn't holding his breath on that promise. Will just do it next weekend his self and then if they pay him back ok and if not oh well...
Grand daughter Melody turns 16 this month. October 14 is her big day. She is the biggest blessing in the world to me.
Grand son Robert. ok he is being a horses butt. But he is young and maybe will grow out of it soon.
Dog Molly is doing pretty good. We have been fighting sand fleas around the neighborhood real hard. Every time she goes outdoors we got them again.
any hints or tips on ridding a dog of fleas? I am trying shampoo, powder, spray, those little drops you put on their neck, and flea collars. So far no luck at all.

and since son harold got his van running i got my car back. now i need brakes, 2 air / fuel sensors, a oil change, shocks, and a strut. hmmm...... i think son harold drove the little booger almost to death. my car was sobbing when i drove it last night and i am sure i heard it singing
"I am so glad to be back where I belong....... "


Lisa said...

I can't wait to see a new pic of that sweater. I am so glad you are enjoying it so much!

I hope your car forgives you lol.

Knitman said...

I wear bifocals too but often take them off completely to do a fiddly bit when knitting. I still see better very close with out. Look up and i am blind!

Nancy said...

I have bifocals, too, and for extra closeup work, I often work without my glasses...I've been wearing glasses since I was 2yr 3 mo and 12 days old! (My mom had an official portrait taken that day and sent them to everyone she knew!)! I know you're glad to get your car back and the most expensive part will be the strut, but it surely is necessary!

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

I, too, am looking forward to your pictures.

Bifocals have been my friend for some time now, but I still don't use them for knitting. Since I'm nearsighted, I actually see better without my bifocals when I'm doing really close and intricate work. As for far away, my glasses are totally necessary. And, a careful going down steps when wearing bifocals!

Good luck with your car repairs and I'm glad you have your wheels back.