Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Free Patterns Still

contact me Jeanie for free copies of Barbara Shawl, Rainbow Shawl, and some of the sock patterns that were offered for free. Thank you for the lovely post on Barbara Shawl.

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cherry.red8 said...

Hi Jeanie, Thank you so much for your generosity with the Yahoo group Townsend Sock KAL and also with offering such beautiful sock patterns for free. I am a member of the group and also on Ravelry and was wondering if you could post a list of the names of sock patterns that you have designed and offered the group in the past.

I am newer to the group - several months now and have been very appreciative when you have emailed patterns that have been individually requested or put them in folders accessible to the group on the yahoo site. In the archived posts of the group there is reference to a special folder of 50 such sock patterns that were lost? and then filed?. Could this list be reposted for people to request from so that the newer members of the group would know the names of the patterns and have better access to them for knitting. Thanks so much.

Take care Kelcie :-)