Sunday, July 30, 2006

On the home stretch with Mittens!

I am down to just the solid black finger tip of the mittens. I have the tip of the thumb to do on one too. The pictures are pink squirrels on one mitten and the other one has black birds. The rows of pattern colorwork are random and mixed. I used STR Socks That Rock yarn in Hot Flash pink and a black that is a denim sort of mixture. Just super to work with. Yarns available from Blue Moon or try my favorite yarn store The Fold .


Nina said...

They are very pretty mittens too bad I live in houston or I would make you give em to me. Ha Ha

Anonymous said...

Where did you find the pattern for these mittens?

Thanks you.

Laura said...

Such great mittens!! You have me inspired to do something with the kool aid dyed wool i have in my closet.. BUT.. WHERE DO YOU FIND A SQUIRREL CHART.. (they're my fav. critter)..

Thanks for the inspiration!


Pamela Lee said...

Hi Jeanie,

Your mittens are really beautiful. :)

If possible, could you please let me know where the pattern for the black bird motif can be found.


E-mail: quokka AT speednet DOT net DOT au