Monday, July 26, 2010


I talked to them for over an hour. They said they do not have to notify customers of any costs or changes or prices. IF you catch them they only have to adjust you for 2 months. If they want to. If they agree to. So they will give me $20 worth of credit. total. That will mean I get to use my now 5 email accounts for 4 months for free. As they should have only been costing me $5 a month anyway. I am only receiving mail at one address. My son uses one. that means i still have 3 dead no email addresses assigned to me but they dont cost me extra.
I say for someone that has been a customer for over ten years, and all my family was on earthlink from Houston, Washington State, Baton Rouge etc. all of us.
boy do i feel like a dummy.
I just hope any and all earthlink customers give their representatives a call and discuss your billing. If you are not using dial up quit paying for it. If you only use one or two addresses I think it is like $3 a month, for 5 addresses it is $5 and watch out for that sixth one WHACK it will cost ya an extra $5 just for it.

I almost never complain about stuff. I just dont buy it or use it. But to find out this sneaky company is doing it right now to all of their customers made me so mad. I asked them if they are going to notify their customers?
NOPE. IF you ask, if you catch them, then they will do a change or adjustment.
I say just be aware. be careful.

Right now I am going to hold still and continue using my email address for the $5 a month charge. I pay for what i get. But paying for nothing sure makes me mad.

added note. I am not saying quit them. I am staying. Just be really aware of your billing and what you are being charged for!! I trusted them, but truthfully they are a business first, out to make money.

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karrelle said...

Evil and unethical! It makes me mad that there are companies out there getting rich by grabbing people's money in this way. We have evil and unethical internet service providers here in Canada too, unfortunately. Hopefully your post encourages other Earthlink customers to contact the company and move their business elsewhere.