Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Free Patterns Still

contact me Jeanie for free copies of Barbara Shawl, Rainbow Shawl, and some of the sock patterns that were offered for free. Thank you for the lovely post on Barbara Shawl.

Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm Knitting!

After a long three weeks I am knitting again. The weather is cold, ice on the ground this morning. The perfect time for soft wool and a good sweater KAL. I am half way done in the area from under the arms to the shoulders. Using a birdie graph that I worked out.

Best wishes to all.

Oh and I found a brand new love. Boy I wish I had this! In vinyl. Man oh man. Maybe Santa Clause will bring me one this year? I can sure hope!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Thursday, October 25, 2007

With A Little Help From My Friends

Today I will go back to knitting on my wonderful colorwork sweater with the great friends on the Astrid KAL. For the past couple of weeks I have been setting and thinking. Cleaning my room and cleaning my life while I was at it.
Playing with the kids, grandkids, and not trying to be too grown up. Joined some really great play groups online and enjoyed chat about all kinds of stuff from fishing to dolls.

I took a mental vacation. Now some of my closest buddies will tell you I have been on a mental vacation for about 20 years. Don't listen to them....

I couldn't concentrate on the graph for my sweater so I knitted a little doll sweater. Not much for 2 weeks work but at least I kept my hands busy.

I still miss my friend but I realize sooner or later each of us will head that way too. I will see him again. For now I guess I will have to do the playing and fishing and loving our family for both of us.

Above is a little pic of the gray sock wool sweater I made for the American Model Tonner Redhead Basic. I also did her hair. It comes in a horrific chopped up uneven ponytail. as soon as you take that rubber band out you got bare head lines between the hair lines and the hair is so uneven and such a mess that I set it with little permanent curlers, boiled water, and then dipped the water over her hair with a cup. Once the hair cools and dries a little you can take the rollers out and have lovely curls.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

absolutely the cutest socks I've seen in a long time

these socks are so cute i can't stand it. the pic is adorable. perfect fall colors too.
Look at the Socks!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Anyone Else Like Dolls?

I have always sewed and knitted for dolls. Love it. I have Cissy and Gene, Julia and Jackie. But they have new ones out now. 16 inch Ellowyne Wilde and 22 inch American Model are really great to knit for.

Ellowyne is on the left, she has bendy wrists too. Model is on the right and is way taller and bigger.

Happy Birthday Melody Rose

Sunday, October 14, 2007, Melody Rose Townsend turned 16 years old!!
We went to the movies and saw Tyler Perry's 'Why Did I Get Married'.
We have all of his movies and plays on dvd. Such really great movies to watch.
Also bought the dvd Nacho Libre with Jack Black and laughed all the way through it.
And bought and watched Pan's Labrynth. This movies is in Spanish with English subtitles. A superb movie well worth watching. Loved it. Will watch it over and over.
Picked up Bridge Over Tarabithia for grandboy. Have not seen it yet.
Spent all day together. Had cheesecake and Spinach Pizza and Burgers with Fries.
Pretty good day.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Finally Divorce Day

Finally it is all over. And for today at least we are all being friendly.
Son got divorce, custody of boy, the dog, and the cat.
A good day.
Now we can be a family again. Safe. Happy.

"She" is back over at her boyfriends? house and it is a very good ending to a very long day.
I wish her lots of happiness and luck with a great new life of her own.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Not knitting right now

i can't seem to gather myself and start knitting again. I set. The tv is playing in the background, old black and white movies from the 40s and 50s. Can't even concentrate on them enough to know what they are about. I don't have many friends. People don't call me or write to me. My cousin did. Now I'm not ever going to get that phone call again.
I just can't knit now. I can't really read email or do anything.
Did this ever happen to you? I know he loved me and now he is gone. I sure am missing him....

Hey Mike! Hey Mike? Hey...

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Family News

Tonight Cousin Eileen called and told me her brother, my Cousin Mike Powers was killed in a motorcycle accident. The accident happened in Arizona. I talked to Mike often by phone. He called me Thursday night and we talked as he drove home from work. He told me all about his motorcycle and about his trucks for his job. We laughed about the old days with dimmer switches on the floors of cars. They don't put them there anymore.

I hope with all my heart he is happily riding the best motorcycle ever in Heaven, for surely it must be a place of happiness and peace. May The Lord hold him close. I do love him so.

Monday, October 01, 2007

I got my glasses!

Now if i can just learn to see again. I got bifocals. Coffee brown brushed metal rims. The lenses are transition and turn brown in the sunlight. I have been knitting holding the needles and yarn and looking over my old glasses for so many years that it is a learning curve to know how to use the new bifocals. I am doing it pretty good.

My most wonderful friend Barbara called. She is doing well and I want her to know I love you! and send you all my prayers and hugs. Get well soon!!

The sweater knitalong at Astrids is doing really good. I am substituting some graphs for the given ones, you guys all know I can't do anything without changing it somewhere!! New pics posted soon I hope.

Write in and let me know you are still out there. I am trying to get the homefront all tightened up for winter.
Son Harold's van is finally running. How long who knows but it is running today!! He put another transmission in it and this time it has the right amount of plug ins on it.
Son Kevin parked his car in front of the house and within 3 minutes a fool next door wrecked his front drivers corner of it pretty good. We know cars are made out of aluminum foil now and it sure shows it! Kevin almost fainted when he saw it. Yee Gosh! They said they will fix it. Son isn't holding his breath on that promise. Will just do it next weekend his self and then if they pay him back ok and if not oh well...
Grand daughter Melody turns 16 this month. October 14 is her big day. She is the biggest blessing in the world to me.
Grand son Robert. ok he is being a horses butt. But he is young and maybe will grow out of it soon.
Dog Molly is doing pretty good. We have been fighting sand fleas around the neighborhood real hard. Every time she goes outdoors we got them again.
any hints or tips on ridding a dog of fleas? I am trying shampoo, powder, spray, those little drops you put on their neck, and flea collars. So far no luck at all.

and since son harold got his van running i got my car back. now i need brakes, 2 air / fuel sensors, a oil change, shocks, and a strut. hmmm...... i think son harold drove the little booger almost to death. my car was sobbing when i drove it last night and i am sure i heard it singing
"I am so glad to be back where I belong....... "