Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day

Hmmm.... Well it kind of is going like I thought it would. All the boys stayed at their lady friend's houses. Harold moved out to his new place. I am alone in the house with 2 grandkids Melody and Robert. No tree. No holiday. I bought Melody a really good Timex wrist watch with white leather band and waterproof. I bought Robert a good video game.

And that was my day. I got a 22 lb turkey in the oven. Will fix some stuffing with it. Not going to bother to fix anything else. Think I will watch tv and wait on the bird to cook. Kind of out of the ho ho ho spirit.

I got a precious phone call from my dearest friend Barbara. She is able to call. For right this minute I count that as a true and wonderful blessing. Every minute I can spend with her is as dear to me as gold and diamonds. She keeps me going when I just can't do it alone anymore. She shares her belief in God with me and it makes me know that no matter what happens it is His will and all will be ok in the end.

Psalms 56:11 In God have I put my trust: I will not be afraid what man can do unto me.

so either you are a believer or you aren't. I am. So what ever will come, will come.


Anonymous said...

I'm a member of your sock group and read you words of hurt. I can add to this with my sad note. My husband said our marriage is over. he has since sleep anywhere but our bedroom. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. This has been a horrible Christmas.

JeanTownsend said...

i reached out with my story of being mad and hurt because i knew you, my friends, would surely understand. But when I read your letter I realize no matter how mad or hurt I am at the kids it isn't even close to the pain and upset some of my so dear friends have experienced. I care about you. I was also divorced way back when and then stayed close because of the kids until he died. I have been all alone with no man for almost 15 years now. I am sorry for your pain. I send you hugs and comfort and lots and lots of love.

Anonymous said...

I feel so odd. We are not talking and he stays in other rooms away from me. We have dogs and they are confushed about this.I don't know what to do?

Karen said...

Hi! I have been visiting all the blogs on my list. I am sorry to hear that yesterday was lonely for you. I sure can't understand how someone as openhearted and caring as you would be alone for the holiday. Well, except for the grands. They must brighten your day some, I hope. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Also, I should soon have a chance to send some more boy clothes. Hope some will fit, and I know you will pass on those that don't.

JeanTownsend said...

to anon. you can't remake a man. i suspect it is not you at all. but that he has his attention somewhere else, or someone else. if you did it you could fix it, but when they do it there is not one thing you can do but hold on for the ride until it is over or bail out. i am so sorry for you. i know how bad that hurts, i really do.

to karen;
thank you so much, my little grandson sure loved the shirts you sent last time. you are very kind to help me with him. grandkids are dear but they sure can be expensive. he is growing like crazy. i pulled his two bottom teeth last year, one at a time, i pierced his left ear, he just had to have it done!!, and he also broke a bone in his left hand riding his bike. all well now and cast is off. so much growing in just one year. he gained weight and inches in height. so grown up all of a sudden. he is just grandma's little man!

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

I pray for you always, Jeanie...and your family, too.

I wish for you a New Year filled with blessings, health, and faith.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jeannie,
I hope that things are better for you now .When my son ran away I blamed myself to the point that I had a nervous breakdown.My Dr made me read (tough love ) it is a great book .I now know that I didn't make him leave .But I eanabled him to do the things that he did.I would always put him first to my own sacrifice , but he didn't appreciate ,to him this was like a drug addiction as long as it worked for him he was great.You have to say no ,to make them strong.If i always work out the problems for him he doesn't learn how,then is mad at me if I can't fix the problem.Alot of these were of his own making , but I kept him from learing this.If you want them to care enough to do for you ,they first have to care enough to care for themselves .Then and only then can they see what you have done for them.Please pass this to them maybe it would help .
You are the sweetest most giving person, no matter how much your friends give to you ,you will still feel hurt and lost as long as your family is this way to you.
Next year have the tree and all the specials that you can let us know we will help, Make memories that the grandkids you have want forget so that someday they aren't telling somebody that , there nothing special , because now you can fix them . If others want to join make sure that gifts are reguired they don't have to cost .Make something go to a thrift store but make thwm think of you all or let them stay at their house .
we love you and hurt with you, and it just makes you want to open a can of (whoop ass)on them to open thier eyes.
Lots of love