Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Free Sock Patterns

I have many free patterns and some for sale too. I offered them free for over five years and now most are archived. Some are still available on request. The sale patterns are pictured and listed on the right side of the blog. I am working on typing up all of the patterns and publishing them in pdf or cd format.
the Sale Patterns are in order shown in this pic

gold socks, may green socks , baby breath, peach petal, lily of the valley (lov), and others
here is a partial list of the one i used to offer in my yahoo group. There are dozens more not on the list.

Best Wishes Socks
Betty Westport Waves Socks
Blue Jean Cuffs
Cascading Leaves
Coins or Lifesaver Socks
Crown Stitch Socks
Dennis Socks
I Love You Socks
Kansas Harvest Socks
Kims Socks
Lisa Socks
Maple Leaf Socks
Michigan Cherry Socks
Ninas Sox
Pink Ruffle and Lace Socks
Pretty Petals Socks
Roses Roses SocksS
helly Sox
SnowFlake Socks
Spring Twists Socks
Toni Tootsie Socks
Wandering Cables Socks
Wiggle Socks

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