Monday, June 25, 2007

sneak peak

Here is just a little bit of the new rainbow i am working on. i love kauni.

I have not given it any big stretching out yet just a tack it to the pillow for a quickie pic. It is the way the rainbow develops. Makes you want to knit and knit just to see what it does next.


Lisa said...

Gorgeous! (like all the rest of your knitting lol)

Romi said...

Ooooooooh. Very very pretty!

Sue H said...
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Shelley said...

That is so beautiful like all of your art work. Which pattern might that be? I have the Kauni and am looking for a good and fairly easy pattern.

Again- Lovely

Bliss said...

I have been so fascinated by the Kauni yarn, but didn't want to make the cardigan. The shawl is beautiful and perfect! Are you making your pattern available anywhere by at the one yarn seller? I would love to purchase it to go with some Kauni yarn I am expecting any day.

Many thanks,

Cindi said...

Hi Jeanie,

I need your help. =)

I just received my Kauni and anxiously began to work on the Staghorn Lace Shawl .... well that is until I saw that a yarn over was needed at the end of the row as well as the beginning???

A yarn over at the start of a row I understand, but how did you work one at the end???? Is there a "how to" somewhere? Any guidance would be wonderful!

Thanks so much!

Cindi -