Friday, June 01, 2007

Cherry Blossom Shawl Pattern and Where to get it?

a super great picture at this link for cherry blossom shawl
it is the pattern called:
Cherry Blossom Shawl (K. Spurkland, Spring 2002)
see if you can order that issue from
Interweave Knits Shawl Patterns also has some free shawls on their site,
and if they have it in stock you can order the magazine with the cherry blossom shawl
pattern in it.
and another super example of it
and a blog with lots of pics of one

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Bea / said...

Your shawl is so marvelous! If anyone needs more shawl-patterns, here are 2 links (some are free, some from magazines, some to buy in the net):

Best regards
Bea from Germany