Thursday, June 14, 2007

Other Patterns That I Wrote.

A friend asked me to list the other patterns I currently have available. So I put a list here.
You can always search for the pictures of them at then by name of pattern.
or ask me and I will send a pic to you.
Best Wishes Socks
Betty Westport Waves Socks
Blue Jean Cuffs
Cascading Leaves
Coins or Lifesaver Socks
Crown Stitch Socks
Dennis Socks
I Love You Socks
Kansas Harvest Socks
Kims Socks
Lisa Socks
Maple Leaf Socks
Michigan Cherry Socks
Ninas Sox
Pink Ruffle and Lace Socks
Pretty Petals Socks
Roses Roses Socks
Shelly Sox
SnowFlake Socks
Spring Twists
Toni Tootsie Socks
Wandering Cables
Wiggle Socks

1 comment:

Dee fm KS said...

Kansas Harvest socks???? I am from KS, are you???

Dee fm KS