Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Shawl pattern

If you email me I will be glad to share this pattern in graph form with you. It is not written up, just graphed out. If you leave a comment I cannot reply to it. You have to email me for it.

The those that are working on it now I would love to see some pictures of how you are doing and can't wait to see finished shawls!!


Itxaso said...

Hello! Just discovered your blog and the beautiful shawl. Great job! It´s really gorgeus! I really can´t believe you share it for free! I´d love to have this pattern but I can´t see your e-mail in your profile :( Could you please write down your e-mail so that I can ask you for it? Thanks

JeanTownsend said...

please find email me link on the right side of my blog. if you want a free graph of this shawl just let me know.

Silvia Luggenhölscher said...

Hi my name is silvia and I am member of your group for socks.I love your blog and your designs and would be glad to get the barbara shawl pattern if its possible. Also I want to ask what It means that you are searching testers for patterns-I read it in a mail you send over the group @phyll. I really like knitting socks (over 100 Pair only last year)and if you can need my help please contact me.
Wish you a nice day...Silvia from germany

Enid Danforth said...

Will love a copy of this shawl..is amazing!