Friday, November 17, 2006

I don't felt so good.

I sure gave it a good try. The blue clogs fit son Kevin real good. The pink clogs are too big, the burgundy ones had NO FELT cuffs. DRAT! I waited til they dried a little, then ripped out the cuff one stitch at a time. Re knitted the cuffs, refelted and they are ok but still too big. Now I need felting help.
if you throw them back in the washer will they go ahead and shrink down more? I need to get them about one inch smaller all over.


Julie said...

Yes, you can throw them back in. You can keep resetting the wash cycle & checking them every 5 minutes until they're the size you want.

inukshuk71 said...

You can cycle the clogs until they are as you wish. Make sure also that you put in other clothing in your washer to create friction, say a pair or two of jeans, or an old blanket. Also, using the warm/cold cycle is a good idea. Perhaps you are doing that already. Good luck :)

JudyL said...

I just made some and they're on my blog. I knitted one a bit looser than the other so I had to leave it in the washer longer but they're perfect now. The first time I took them out, they were both too big but I put them in for a few minutes longer. I don't think you can really mess them up unless you get them too small.

Why did the cuff not work on one?

Judy L.

JeanTownsend said...

for some reason the lighter colored goldish yarn did not felt. it made loose lace. so i ripped it out leaving holes in the top of the clog. i picked up new stitches in the holes and knitted a new cuff then refelted.