Sunday, November 26, 2006

Clogs and Slippers

I made 5 pairs of clogs and 1 pair of ballet slippers this week. If you want a good, fast, big needle knit you really have to try these two patterns. Clogs. Ballet Slippers. Those are just two stores to get them at. You can always go to and check out felted clogs and felted ballerina slippers. I have had so much fun while i rested my eyes. These use a size 10 1/2 to a size 13 needle. My kind of recreation knitting for real. I had a lot of trouble reading the pattern tiny print but it is my eyes not the pattern. A very kind friend told me I had missed a whole section on the little insert. DUH!! No wonder I was using extra yarn on the sole , not my original idea, you are supposed to!! Thank you friend for pointing that out. Shoes are more fun if you do them right.

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Anonymous said...

Hello! Would you post a picture of the clogs and ballerina shoes that you made?