Friday, January 14, 2011

Guess What I am Working On?

i have a new grandson coming. so i have been making a few items.
this pattern is curves of pursuit. it is a knit pattern available at:

I purchased it yrs ago. But the knit for me was a touch fiddly.
I have converted it to single crochet and LOVE it. The pattern is ONLY
available in knit and only from wooly thoughts.

I have not been knitting lately. My hands are giving me a lot of trouble and for now I am plodding along with my red heart yarn and a size I hook.

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Maggie said...

Hi Jeanie, glad to see you made it through the holiday insanity and are surviving winter. My hands are not happy with me either and I am sleeping in splints and limiting how much knitting I am doing...hard as we all know I am addicted.
Still no e-reader here, holding out to see the improvements with iPad2 as it's coming out in early April at last estimates..
Hope the schooling kids keep doing well, they have done great so far, Maggie in Il