Monday, July 26, 2010

Earthlink users maybe you should read this?

I am an Earthlink customer and i just found out they had been overcharging me for years. I have been with earthlink for ten years.

Many years ago i discarded home phone ATT for cell phone only Sprint service. I have 7 kids all grown now and all 7 have a sprint phone.

because i no longer had a home phone my sons upgraded our internet to comcast cable as we already had cable tv. Earthlink told me when i called in they had two packages.
dial up, or limited dial up.
$20 a month or $10 a month.
for twenty$$ you can dial up and connect. ok with no phone?
so i picked limited dial up and kept my unlimited number of email addresses.
not true.
you are allowed five email addresses for $5. then number six email address costs you $5 a month extra.
earthlink is the one that set up the sixth email address for me. it has never ever been used. never. but they continued charging me $10 a month now for years and years and years.

so my sister said hey i only pay $3 for ONE email addy why do you pay so much? I called earthlink and asked them. and yep they charged me $5 a month for a unused, extra, number six email address THEY set up and said oops!
i said OOPS? so they deleted the extra expensive unused account. NOT the billling just the account.

IF YOU use earthlink. call them. 1-800-EARTHLINK and talk to a representative. if you are not using those services they can charge you until you catch them. also if you are an AARP member they are supposed to have an AARP discount monthly off of your bill.

I can't get my money back. but if i can save any of you current earthlink customers on your next month bill then i will count it as money well spent.

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Experimental Knitter said...

Jeanie, why won't they refund your money? Look into another service and tell Earthlink you are quitting if you don't get a refund. And write to your state attorney general's office about it.