Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Look What I Found Online.

i love to use plastic crochet hooks.
so i ordered them for myself for my birthday next monday.
ok how terrible am i? at least i will get something i can use!!
my crochet blanket is HUGE. I have another dozen flowers done
and am ready to crochet them on too. it sure is pretty.
looks like a bed full of peony blossoms to me.
has anyone used these hooks? did you like them? are they nice and smooth??


Amy said...

I've never used them (mine are all metal), but those gorgeous transparent rainbow colors just *call* to me!

nana said...

Those hooks look like the Prym ones I saw in a store and did not have enough cash with me to get them.
A week later, they were not there any more.
They did not come in a pretty case like yours, but they sure were pretty.
The same company makes some grey ones and those I have in several sizes, the 6 mm one broke, thoug, while I tried to do some plastic bag crochet.
I still have to send it in, and get a replacement.
I like the plastic ones for being light weight and still sturdy enough and not bendy at all.

Have fun with yours and happy birthday (of the belated kind) to you.