Friday, April 10, 2009

Spinning With a Support Spindle

Ok it's play time!! A new spindle and this
time it is just about the perfect spin!
The Spindolyn !
Click on the word spindolyn above to go to the website for this marvelous spindle. I love my spinning wheel. I love my drop spindles. I love to spin. But my arms get tired from dropping over and over. My wheel is not in my room and i set in my room looking at it through the door way thinking about spinning. This support spindle is perfect. No drop. No arms over my head. I ordered the Castle base and the Tenor with the black plastic cover and the Soprano without it. The Tenor is for my wool and the Soprano is for my new cotton. Yes! Cotton! I bought some brown cotton to spin from LittleBarnFibers on ebay. I bought the brown toned one but he has so many colors for sale. The cotton is smooth and even though it has short fibers it spins quite easily. I was surprised to be able to do it on my first try. But then with a combination of the spindolyn and the Little Barn Fibers cotton it was meant to be. So now i can set in my chair and watch tv while I happily spin away without my shoulders feeling like I moved heavy furniture all night. What a pleasure to be able to spin again. I had seen this spindle over and over on the internet when surfing late at night. I watch that video so many times that I have it memorized. I was just unsure how it worked and if it worked.
If you like the way they look, you will love the way they spin. If you order you can choose to have the black plastic on the shaft of the spindle or not to have it on there. You can choose which base you like and which spindle shape you want. I don't get any goodie points for saying stuff about it. I bought mine already. But when you find something this great you just have to share it with your friends.
On her site you will find a pdf for a weighted bag to put around the base. I made my own with wool, a cottage cheese carton lid, aquarium rocks, and a crochet hook. It has an outside bag and then an inside smaller one. the rocks go between the inside tube and outside tube and are seamed in. The don't fall out. Marbles would work fine. What's the bag for? The spindle has a beautiful hand turned base. But putting it in the bag weights it down so it stays where you put it, like on your leg, or on your lap. This is just so much fun.


Lydia said...

Looks like a wonderful tool. I am just going to have to order one too. I hope they will ship to Sweden. Love you blog it is a joy to read.

Jill said...

Glad to hear it's working out for you! Got some internet time at a motel while truck is down and checked in on the blogs I read. Hugs

Robin said...

I bought one maybe two years ago. Wonder if they've changed it since then. Mine really wobbles - does yours?? I think the weighted bag would be a good idea.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you like the cotton. I bought some of the 80% natural brown cotton/20% merino lambswool to spin on my wheel, and even though the fiber was exactly as described, of excellent quality, and really quite pretty spun up, I'll never spin cotton intentionally again. I really didn't like spinning cotton. Now yak down, baby camel down or cashmere--I could spin those all day :-)