Sunday, January 11, 2009

Catching up and checking in.

I have been knitting like a maniac. It is the wool. Yes that's it I am blaming the wool. It sucked me in like a black hole. I love this stuff, I got it from Astrid's. It is Evilla Art Yarn 83 - 6/2. Natural, grey and pink. I did the other shawl in the blue and gray colorways with the thinner yarn. But this one is my favorite to knit with. It feels like the kauni, a homespun natural feel. No nylon it it! Just good pure sheep!
I am almost finished with a new shawl. This time from the center out in a square. Trying to decide if I want the edge knitted from center out or seperate and then knitted on?
I am also playing with my looms again. I have a Beka Cherrywood. BUT it is too big to be fun. too awkward I wish it was one of the smaller ones like the cricket. The fun one is the Easy Weaver. I have the A, wish it would grow up and turn into the B model. Easy and Fun. Gives me all the weave weave weave I want with out all the fuss. Now if it would eat it's wheaties and grow into the B size I would be so happy.
Still knitting socks. Have so many pairs on needles. Also knitting mittens still. I was struggling along trying to do christmas presents then decided oh well and put them in the box. Ended up not sending them at all.
Detroit has a total of about ten inches of snow. BRRR. Both sons ended up with big dents in their cars. Drat. Kev got his fixed and now Matt has one that runs all the way down the side of his van. I am still without a car but hoping to find one by February or so.
Had a little revelation about car insurance. I and my boys, have NEVER had a car accident. No tickets. Nothing. Here we set paying No fault, commonly called ' No Fault Yo Fault' in my area. Cause it really doesn't cover anything at all. It just gives you a piece of paper that says you are insured. My insurance agency for over fifteen years was charging me $1200 plus every six months. Just for Kevin. Why? She told me it was my zip code.
Son Matt went to Progressive online. When he showed me that his was less than $300 I about had a stroke. So why was she charging me that much? Cause I believed her and paid it. Duh.
All those years I paid that money for nothing. Needless to say, not anymore. Now other son is a Progressive insured driver too. I can't believe I was paying a thousand bucks extra every six months for nothing. Think of how much yarn I could have bought ? er I mean, How much money I could have saved, yes, that is what i meant to say.....
Weather here is in the teens. Next week we go to single digits and even have days predicted at zero. All with way below zero wind chill numbers expected. I can see now the squirrels in the trees will be knocking at the door waiting on the corn and bird seed to be put out. Poor little things.
Molly is laying in the bed. She should really be ashamed. She is as lazy as I am and has gained weight. When I got her she was a petfinder dog shelter dog. A special angel of a lady had rescued her and advertised on petfinder with her. Son Kev drove 2 days up and 2 days back to bring her to me. She was thin, 20 lbs, and a touch shaky. Now she weighs in at 30 lbs plus and is the rooster of this barnyarn.
If you are considering getting a pet, give the shelters a try. There is so much love there waiting to come home with you. Maybe your next best friend is there now?
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