Friday, October 31, 2008

The Adventures Of Knitting Nellie

I mailed off a few Knitting Nellies. See one below.

Then go check out her adventure.

I still haven't quit laughing!!


Robin said...

A Knitting Nellie! How great!!!! I've done Flat Stanley but haven't heard of Knitting Nellie!

Anonymous said...

I have started Ivy with the same Astrids yarn in Autumn colors, i have finished chart B one report of 7 double rows. I think sockwool would be good too, but I am so happy with this yarn. It is a little bit hard on the hands, but it knits well and when it comes to tinking.. it is the empress of all yarns. No felting (think kid silk mohair or any other softish yarn with not much twist, that's no use tinking). So, after much tinking, due, I think, tolong overdue new (and hopefully less strong) knitting glasses, I will this evening start the second set of 7 chart B rows. And Autumn colors: mossgreen, brown, orange and cornyellow and everything in between those), like those lovely autumn colors chocolate leaves, you know, or don't they make those outside the Netherlands? MargreetA.