Saturday, May 10, 2008

Me and that dratted car.

Son Harold came over and spent about 5 hours repairing my car. I backed out of the yard, the gas pipe was rusty up by where you put gas in. I knocked rust into my gas tank!! YIKES!.

He fixed it a month ago. It immediately fouled out again.

Today He put on a new gas pipe, a gas filter, gas pump, fuel injectors, fixed spark plugs, and then had to charge the battery and air up a flat tires.

After all that we got it started and radiator fluid was pumping out in a ARC shoot shoot right out of the gasket where the thermostat is. So he put on a new thermostat and gasket too.

It runs. I drove around my block and parked it again. Was too scary to drive.

Funny old me. All that gas pumping out while he had parts hanging made my hands shake. Didn't bother him a bit. Heck it will take me a week to get over all that.

Bless his heart, Thank you Harold!! YIPPEE.

Now when I get up enough nerve and Kevin is home I will give it a trial run. If it poops out on me again Kev can come get me and old Triple A can tow the dog home to park in the yard until I am not mad at it again!! Bad Car! Bad Car!

What a day!

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jeanne b. said...

Harold is way cool!!! I don't have any sons, and my daughters don't do cars. You're a lucky woman.
-jeanne b.