Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Project finally got one finished!


KarenK said...

Oh, Jeanie, that is SO pretty. I've been looking for a lace shawl just like that. Will you make this pattern available for sale? I hope so, my fingers are itching! :-) Wishing you the best,
--Karen K.

DJ said...

Just beautiful! You simply amaze me girly! I can't get near the knitting done that you do and I don't have grands to raise. LOL Spring is coming, fishing ho! Oh, hey I'm going to send you a bar of the fishermans soap that I made for all my guys. I have your snail addy somewhere, but I tore up the spare room and can't find it right now. Please send it and I'll get the soap in the mail for you right away. You use it to was your hands while fishing and it masks the human odor and some say that it attracts the fish.
Heaps of Hugs, DJ

Emily said...

Whew, it's a beauty!

Marsha said...

I don't know where inside it comes from, but it sure must be a wonderful place these designs come from.

Beautiful as ALWAYS!!!!
I'm still working on the double wedding ring socks. In between life getting in the way that is.