Wednesday, January 23, 2008


ok i did brown socks. i did striped socks. i am almost done with some really cute fold over cuff blue/gold/brown swirl socks. She has one pair of BRIGHT RED boots. Her feet are 7cm long. so i found very reasonably priced tennis shoes for dolls on ebay. I bought them. they say they fit. they dont fit. crud. it looks easy to buy them but it isn't!! I crocheted and knitted a pair, cute, but the soles are too wide. next pair i will do skinnier.
any help with some dollfie shoes about 9cm long that are good priced send me a link!!


Bev said...

Jeanie check out a site called all about dolls they have a lot of shoe but the sizes are in mm not cm. Good luck on your search.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie you are amazing in your talent didn't know you loved dolls like I do I love baby dolls myself like the "Lots to Love" 8" dolls and 10" baby dolls and up...have some 7.5 approx coming from england from a friend...I just love making stuffs for the wee ones but gosh the patterns are mostly non-existant lots to love 8" dollies could use your talents I don't remember if you crochet as well if you do and they were crochet rofl...I am just not as talented as you are but you are truly amazing.
God Bless,

JeanTownsend said...

i do crochet. i can crochet with the tiniest hook and sewing thread and make doll house doilies. have done an enormous amount of crochet work. love to sew, needlepoint, knit, spin, crochet, weave, embroidery. i love all of it. you can write to me direct at jeantownsend at replace the at with @