Thursday, January 24, 2008

Better than being barefooted

I knitted a pair of little shoes to go with her fold over anklet socks that I made. The socks use a size 0 or 00 needle and the shoes used a size 2 needle. I did them with a yarn that has elastic in it and is very stretchy. they fit really good. Pattern for socks or shoes is available.


Shelly said...

The shoes and socks are absolutely adorable! Great job!!!

Lisa said...

They're darling and right in style too! Great job!

elizabeth said...

These are all so cute!! I love them.
BTW, are the sock patterns in your side bar available? I would love to be able to purchase them if they are! Please email me at your earliest convenience. I have knit your cascading leaves through the yahoo knitting groups-that was SUCH a fun pattern. I would be interested in all except the third from the left(the cream colored one)-only because I have knit a pair similar. I hope you can make more available soon :)