Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lovely New Doll to Knit For

"M" showed me the way to Ellowyne and now I am in love all over again with dolls. I see all kinds of knitting and crochet work in my future for her. If anyone loves dolls and sews, knits, or crochets for them leave a comment!! I would love to see your doll friends.

I am going to knit a black shawl for her and a dress maybe with crochet thread? or tatting thread? I couldn't decide which one so chose the basic long red haired one. I also like the black hair one and the cherry koolaid haired one.

Love dolls, have Gene, Julia, Jackie, Cissy, Felicity , Isabel , and many more. I also like Breyer Horses and used to make real leather saddles for them.

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