Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Titles Of Sock Patterns

It was suggested to me, by the kids, that instead of the names I have been giving the patterns I should call them names like Altenator for the Truck, Engine Gasket for the Car, or Van Transmission. It doesn't exactly describe the lace used but maybe it is a more accurate description of the patterns. My grandson wants to know if I can title one New Fishing Pole. I think he has designs of his own!! I think I finally got me a fishing buddy.

Looks like summer is here. I am glad to see the peonies coming up and all the new leaves on the rose bushes. Lawn needs mowing already.

Monday night I was setting in the back yard in the rain watching son Harold finish getting the van running so he could go to work Tuesday morning. He told me he was gonna go try it out, be right back. It took me over half an hour setting there in the rain like a dummy to figure out he didn't mean 'right back' like I thought he did. I finally came in the house and called him. He was fixing the tail pipe over at his friend's house. Wonder how long I would have set out there in the back yard if it hadn't been raining? I was not the brightest light bulb in that pack for sure.

Anyone have any suggestions for new patterns you would like to see? Yarn? Color?


Nancy said...

How about a Peace Rose sock? And how about Springtime yellow-greens-blues?

gail said...

I want to purchase a few of your sock patterns, but the email link doesn't work for me--since Ihave to set up a new email account. Could you send me an email message about how to get the money to you? I'd like the may pattern and the love pattern. You can reach me at gsnowdenATwiscDOTedu
Are you the one who did the wheat sheaves pattern featured on criminy jickets?

corirallen said...

Maybe you could do a "tree" sock. This could be a money tree for you car, or a tree of hope for B.

Miss Me said...

I think that your kids are onto something! It might not be related to the socks, but it would bring a new perspective to knitting... How about something with a sea life kind of theme and colour for the fishing pole socks? Oh - and since I also have little boys, maybe it could be something for the guys???

DJ said...

Aw, I'm so glad to hear that you have a little fishing buddy. We love it that our kids and grands are all into fishing. which DGS is it that wants a fishing pole, the 6 year old? e-mail me privately about this please.
sewlady003 at yahoo dot com